4 Interior Designers On Home Decor Trends That Will Reign Supreme In 2021


Redecorating homes can often run parallel with working out. Difficult to get started with, but once on toes, you fall into the rhythm seamlessly. And the thing about revamping an empty space is that it comes with a blank canvas veiled as a creative outlet. After a year that’s been rather taxing with beds becoming makeshift office desks, it’s about time to pull yourself out of the rut. In case you don’t know where to start, then fret not because we’ve made the home decor blueprint for you.

We reached out to some of the country’s most celebrated interior designers and asked them to pick out their binoculars to tell us what they foresee. From minimal decor pieces to earthy elements filling up the negative space, here’s everything that will be trending in home decor this year.

1. Shalini Misra, Luxury Interior Designer And Architect

This year is all about personal expression and making your house truly your home—the place you share with loved ones, where you work and play. Natural materials, colours, and textures can be combined with vintage elements and artwork to revive any space.

Another huge home decor trend is the use of second-hand furniture that can be kept out of landfills. For those who want to add truly unique elements to a space, vintage furniture and accessories are a fantastic way to go.

We’re also loving that people are incorporating more indoor plants throughout their homes. Adding greenery can help freshen up your indoor air, as well as the look of your interior design scheme.

Minimal interiors are fading away as more people shift towards adding personal touches to every room. Anything that has a story, or that you feel personally connected to, can be added to your design scheme, whether that’s something as complex as an arched doorway or as simple as textured, colourful cushions for your sofa.

Home offices are now a must-have for many households. For those who don’t have a spare room to work in, the use of room dividers and screens can add an attractive design element while providing privacy.

2. Anjum Jung, Morph Design Studio

Ironically this year, while travel is still restricted and we are not packing our suitcases for our next big adventure anytime soon, ‘Global Influence’ is a key trend for the season.

This year, we think beyond the usual to gain inspiration from other sources like nature, nostalgia, and a deep desire for a getaway to the beach or even the mountains. We are finding ways to bring the outdoors indoors in imaginative ways with warm and calming colour tones and familiar patterns to create that much-needed sanctuary right at home.

3. Ankur Choksi, Studio Lotus

Residents will be more demanding of their living spaces in the new normal. With remote working becoming a mainstay for many, flexibility and multi-functionality will remain key concerns determining how people live and work within the same space. Accessibility remains a key focus, in addition to the possibility of connecting indoor and outdoor spaces seamlessly—especially the living and entertainment zones—core areas where families often come together to engage and spend time.

The design of the kitchen and dining area in a home, for instance, which is at the heart of the living experience, will play a significant role in uniting the connections between the internal spaces and the outdoor landscape into a cohesive, unified whole. Moreover, lowering visual clutter and creating an atmosphere of warmth and authenticity—through the use of natural materials, earthy decor elements and objects of personal interest, is likely to experience an upsurge in the times ahead.

4. Shabnam Gupta, The Orange Lane

Trends should be demised. There should be timelessness and a balanced mix between the old and the new, with a revived habit of collecting art and homegrown antiques.

There is a shift towards more conscious consumption as people re-evaluate their impact. This includes low-waste living, reducing plastic in the home. Natural materials are gaining momentum in the trend stakes.

2021 will be the year of warm and earthy tones. Spaces are becoming smaller, and people want their homes to express their personalities through distinctive designs.

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