5 Snacks For When Those 4pm Hunger Pangs Strike. Take Notes

4pm Hunger Snacks- FI

Every day, I start the day convinced that today is going to be the day I will eat healthy. I stick to this vision resolutely. My breakfast will feature an array of fruits, my lunch will be balanced, with plenty of veggies and protein. And then 4pm rolls around. This is it. This is when any commitment I have made to eating healthy is dropped as easily as the clothes on lovers meeting after a long interlude. I have no control, any temptation is too great to resist and I give in. 4pm hunger is healthy eating nemesis. So fries are ordered gallantly, chips are passed around gaily, cakes are tucked into heartily. And a whole day (or at least the first half) of eating well has been undone.

I have decided that all of us must look for better options to satiate the 4pm hunger pangs and I scoured high and low for filling, delicious and healthy 4pm snacks that will keep you full but also not make you want to immediately check yourself into a detox programme.

Snacks For Your 4pm Hunger Pangs

Monsoon Harvest Bars

Monsoon Harvest is a family run food start up and I swear by their bars which feature everything yummy. In particular, their dark chocolate and sea salt bar comes fully loaded with nuts and seed and fills you up just the right amount. They use a lot of traditional Indian grains like millets ,amaranth and palm jaggery in their products which means there are no nasties in it. It’s just perfect for your 4pm hunger pangs.

Pop Mak Fox Nuts

Popular known as makhana, fox nuts have gotten quite a reputation for being the popcorn’s more healthy cousin. Crunchy, flavoured and delicious, the makhana from Pop Mak are great for when you’re hungry, need something substantial but also need it to be yummy. Pradyuman from Indian Matchmaking can take a backseat, these fox nuts come in various lip-smacking flavours already.

Paper Boat Foods Nut Mixes

4pm Hunger pangs -Paper Boat Foods
You’ve known Paper Boat for their drinks that are a throwback in a glass. Now, the Paper Boat brand has a food section and it comes with trail mixes, nuts and seeds all thrown in together to make for 4pm snacks. It’s delicious and you will want to grab them by the fistful and throw them into your mouth. 10/10 would recommend.

Urban Platter Jaggery Chana

Urban Platter 4pm Hunger Pangs

This is savoury and sweet and a hard one to beat. Perhaps being a poet isn’t my thing. But either way, I can wax eloquent about this 4pm hunger pangs-satiating, sweet and salty snack. Dipped in jaggery and yet wonderfully crunchy, this jaggery channa jar from Urban Platter is what you need on your work desk.

Saucery Classic Hummus

4pm Hunger Pangs- Classic Hummus

Ditch the biscuits you’re reaching for and get yourself a lovely hummus dip. Of course, you want to pair it with crudites and not lavash because you’re trying to keep it healthy but hummus. That’s star right there. Protein-rich, delicious and for the most part, available.

There, we’ve sorted you out now. What do you tend to reach for?

Oh, I also wrote about casual body shaming, maybe read about that as well

- Digital Editor


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