5 Book To Movie Adaptations Slated For A 2022 Release That You Need To Add To Your Watch List


Some of the most successful movies and TV shows have been based on books, making this transition a booming investment. The cult favourite status of movies like Lolita, Pride & Prejudice and The Fault in Our Stars furthermore solidifies this very notion and helps immortalise these classics via the visual medium. Of course, it helps that it gets the cash registers ringing. But it also invites the wrath of the book fans. The ones that the books are always better than the movie and this held up for a long time. But times are a changing and even the most discerning reader now might be able to admit that a screen adaptation is not absolute sacrilege.

Grudgingly, one might find pleasure in seeing favourite characters morph into a living, breathing human with a face and a voice. And sometimes with a six-pack ab. And that’s ummm… great, I guess?

We’ve rounded up a list of 5 popular book to movie adaptations that’ll be releasing this year. So, buckle up and mark your calendars.


Credits: Netflix

Another Jane Austen classic being remade into a cinematic experience. Nothing new, just a regular day for an Austen fan like me. While a Persuasion movie from 2007 already exists, what’s new is the production and casting. The role of the Elliots will be essayed by Henry Golding & Dakota Johnson under the Netflix banner this time- the expectations are certainly substantial.

My Policeman


This is not a drill. Harry Styles is starring in My Policeman. As the lead. We won. The cast also boasts of a talented repertoire with the likes The Crown star Emma Corrin joining the production. The romantic drama is set in 1950s England and there’s no doubt that we’ll be seated in the front row, first day, first show.

Where The Crawdads Sing

This New York Times bestselling book has recently been making headlines all thanks to the casting of the super talented Daisy Edgar Jones. Authored by Delia Owens and published back in 2018, this book has been a frontrunner on every Bookstagram and BookTok page given its plot that blends intriguing themes of murder and mystery. The movie releases this July, so, gear up and maybe skim through the pages beforehand if you haven’t already!


Marilyn Monroe. The eternal Hollywood icon memorialised through every medium and by almost every artist. While this movie isn’t directly based on the tumultuous spiral of Monroe’s life, it takes cues from Joyce Carol Oates’s novel Blonde. Ana De Armas’ makeover and Brad Pitt’s producer credits have absolutely convinced us about the apparent success of the film. Can’t wait!

Salem’s Lot


Vampires? It’s like 2010 all over again. But this time there won’t be two dudes fighting for your love. Just a whole lot of horror and gore. And since it’s a Stephen King book, the storyline is set to have you at the edge of your seat with its complexities and twists.

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