5 Beauty Products With Coffee That Are Just The Pick-Me-Up You Need


If you think that you can’t go a day without your stipulated dose of coffee because honestly the beverage makes your insides sing, then imagine the energizing effect it can have for your other senses. For some, their daily dose of caffeine is the only way they can be a functional member of society. Be it coffee or tea or even kombucha, we all like a fix every now and then.

It begs the question: what else can coffee give us? Other than making physically and mentally strenuous tasks feel like less of a burden, what benefit can we stand to gain by using it in different ways. A while ago, I decided to try some products that were using coffee or caffeine as their fundamental ingredient. I genuinely enjoyed most of them. In fact, they have become almost a staple in my beauty routine. Let’s take a look at some of the tried and tested favourites.

1. Caffeine Eye Mask by Sephora

Leave it to Sephora to give us the gift of such a diverse catalog of face masks. They took it one step further when they introduced their range of eye masks. As someone who has tried most of them, I can safely say my favourite is the caffeine one. It boasts of being almost fully natural which is always great for those who are sensitive to chemicals and it’s a perfect step to add to your bedtime skincare rituals.

2. Coffee Lip Scrub by MCaffeine

When I first discovered lip scrubs, I was quite confused about their overall purpose. We already have balms so what would this bring to the table? Understanding the importance of (gently) exfoliating was a learning experience. Not only do they end up looking better but they also feel softer. Personally, I do not prefer extremely sugary lip scrubs because my animal instinct is to lick them right off but the lasting smell of sweet coffee is definitely a plus point.

3. Ethiopian Green Coffee Cream by The Body Shop

Moisture is the best gift you can give your skin. Nowadays, there is an endless supply of types of products that all boast about giving an extra special softening or glowing effect. I have been a die-hard fan of cocoa butter for the longest time and still use it every night but my mornings are made with this simplistic but efficient firming cream. If you don’t want a cream that’s too overpowering, fragrance wise, this has a nice but not cloying scent to it.

4. Caffeine Solution by The Ordinary

If there’s one hill I will die on it’s that this is the most life-changing product I’ve ever purchased. If I miss out on even ten minutes of sleep, I know my eye bags are going to be a menace. This has helped with the issue drastically. I don’t know how it works in cases where the skin is suffering from long-term exhaustion but I have seen quite a significant change. I use it dedicatedly twice a day which has made a world of a difference on my face so there’s hope for many of us!

5. Café Rose Eau De Parfum by Tom Ford

Roses? And coffee? I feel like the maker of this perfume just wanted to encapsulate every woman’s dream scent and they did it so perfectly. Granted, it is not the most affordable price range but if you are someone who is very particular about what you want to smell like then this could be an exciting investment. Everyone has different tastes when it comes to the kind of perfume they like which is why buying this in person is recommended.

It never hurts to try new stuff when it comes to beauty products as long as you’re aware of what exactly you’re in for. You can definitely have a little fun exploring these!

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