5 Eclectic Eyeshadow Trends That Dominated 2023 Adding The Much-Needed Dose of Glamour

Eyeshadow trends

After blushes, I have a soft spot for eyeshadows. I have a knack for matching my eyeshadow with the outfit I’m wearing. My purple outfits feature holographic glitter, blue outfits jump on the washed-denim eyeshadow trend and my pink ones always feature a mix between pink shimmer or metallics. Safe to say that I take this very seriously. Seriously enough to pay close attention to every eyeshadow trend that made it to our Instagram feeds. In the past year, we saw a barrage of eyeshadow trends that took us on a nostalgic drive and also gave us a dose of futuristic glam. Some of these trends were a blast from the past with a modern twist while some of them were created by pop culture’s massive influence on beauty.

These are the eyeshadow trends that have all of our attention lately:

Grunge Is Back

Huda Kattan, in an exclusive interview with us rightfully predicted that 2023 would be seeing grunge eyes everywhere. Grunge eyeshadow is all about amping up the intensity of the usual smoky eye. Think sooty, black eyes with a kohl-rimmed waterline. Grunge eyeshadow is characterised by cooler hues such as dark grey or deep brown. Since these colours are darker, the application can be a little tricky. All you need to do is begin by using the black eyeshadow over your eyelids first, not covering them entirely. Use a darker brown to blend it out or simply blend it by itself. A black kohl will further intensify this look and add an edge to it.

eyeshadow trend

Try using: Huda Beauty Pretty Grunge Eyeshadow

Denim Blue In The House


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Washed denim eyeshadow had its viral moment on the internet earlier and it’s continued to stay in the spotlight. A colour that is supposed to mimic the colour of denim jeans, this one is a favourite of Kendall Jenner and Taylor Swift who sported it on the cover of her album, Midnights. Unlike a jarring blue, washed denim is a faded blue that has the power to look subtle yet striking at the same time. You can opt for an eyeshadow with slightly shimmering particles in it to add a glitzy touch to your look.

Try the: Dior 5 Coleurs Couture Eyeshadow Palette in 279 Denim

Supermodel Energy

When we said there was a resurgence of beauty trends, we meant it. Who wasn’t a fan of the iconic eyeshadow looks sported by the likes of Naomi Campbell, Kate Moss and Imam Hamam? Rich browns dominated the 90s, and slowly found their way into 2023 too. To achieve this, you need to stay away from the shimmer and embrace matte eyeshadows which are cool-toned browns. An easy way to ace this is by using a soft brown on your crease and softening it with a neutral hue that is cream-toned.

Eyeshadow trend

Try the: Too Faced Sunset Stripped Eyeshadow Palette

Sultry Barbie


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It’s safe to say that Barbiecore dominated most of the year. But let’s be honest, vivid hues of pink aren’t everyone’s cup of tea. An easier way to hop on the Barbiecore bandwagon with a hint of sultriness is this eyeshadow trend. It uses deeper hues of pink that have slightly browner undertones along with a pop of shimmer. The shimmer ought to be a lighter pink such as baby pink or even a subtle rose gold.

Try the: PAT McGRATH LABS Mothership IX Artistry Palette in Huetopian Dream

Ice You Out


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The cause of icy eyeshadow was championed by the Spice Girls and Pamela Anderson. It continues to reign supreme with Dua Lipa and Hailey Bieber loving a shiny, frosty lid too! Fresh and futuristic at the same time, this eyeshadow trend is all parts playful. While glitter may not be everyone’s cup of tea, there’s a little something for everyone with the frosted lids eyeshadow trend. Soft blues, greens and lilacs are your best bet when it comes to this. You can either choose to go all out with the frostiness or keep it minimal with just a single swipe.

Try the: Rom&nd Better Than Palette Glitter and Garden

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