5 ‘Hot’ Ingredients To Elevate Your Winter Skincare Routine


Hot ciders, turmeric lattes, and ginger teas are winter drinks one cannot do without. They warm you up instantly and comfort your senses like a warm hug on cold, gloomy days. The heat-producing ingredients in these beverages are the ones that get the job done. Fortunately, there are skincare equivalents of hot winter drinks as well. Ingredients that are naturally warm, or generate heat when applied to your body can help with several winter skin problems. Dull and flaky skin can use a kick from these ingredients and shake up your skin out of its winter slumber to bring back the glow.

Check out 5 ‘hot’ ingredients your beauty vanity needs in 2021…

1. Cinnamon

2. Turmeric


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3. Coffee

More than a refreshing beverage, coffee’s benefits for skin can turn any non-believer into a caffeine lover. This ingredient can help de-puff the skin and freshen up the complexion when used in skincare. Including energising coffee into your daily shower routine will have you looking forward to taking a bath even in cold winters!

4. Ginger

Ginger is a potent antioxidant–it helps fight free radical damage in the skin. When applied topically, it boosts blood circulation and soothes skin irritation. Winter skin can often feel fatigued, and ginger can be a good remedy for that. Pamper your skin with a ginger-infused mask before bed and let it work on healing your skin while you sleep.

5. Potato Starch

Root vegetables, especially potatoes, provide a dynamic set of topical skin benefits. They reduce inflammation, are mildly exfoliating, help tighten pores and even out the skin tone. More potent exfoliants like salicylic and glycolic acid can be too overwhelming for already dry winter skin. So look for chemical exfoliators with potato starch to gently exfoliate your skin instead.

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