5 Iconic Julia Roberts Films That We Can Watch Countless Times

Julia Roberts

Put Julia Roberts in any rom-com and we’re sold. The multiple award-winning actress has dominated this genre with her fabulous performances. She’s delivered characters so raw and imperfect, that make them relatable and a dream to watch. No wonder then, that she’s shone through as a universal icon for women. Our only complaint tho, it’s that we’d like to see her essay more roles. Let’s look back at five timeless Julia Roberts films that we can easily watch on loop. 

1. Pretty Woman

A film that received love and appreciation from the critics and masses for her bold, unusual role, Julia plays sex worker Vivian Ward, who falls in love with businessman Edward Lewis (the handsome Richard Gere). The massive hit made us fall in love with the on-screen pair and we also love the transitional fashion she pulls off–from risqué clothing to the elegant dresses she sports as a Beverly Hills pretty woman.

Julia Roberts

2. Notting Hill

Julia Roberts was enjoying a career-peak in the ’90s. So when the casting director was looking for someone to play a film-star, he didn’t have to go far. Anna Scott (Julia) meets and falls in love with bookstore owner William Thacker (the charming Hugh Grant). The film explores their romantic relationship, and the ups and downs it undergoes. The effortless chemistry between the two sucks us into the whirlpool of watching this film again and again.

Julia Roberts

3. My Best Friend’s Wedding

In all fairness, you might not want to watch a woman sabotage her best friend’s (Rupert Everett-played George Downes) wedding just because she’s in love with him. While it sounds toxic, we can’t help but agree how relatable the plot is. The movie explores common human tendency of acting rashly out of jealousy and insecurity. Julia’s character Julianne Potter takes us on an emotional rollercoaster ride–at once, you’re annoyed with her when she confesses her love for George on the day of his wedding, and at the same time, you feel for her, because everyone has been in a situation like that.

Julia Roberts

4. Eat Pray Love

Based on the novel of the same name, Eat Pray Love is an inspiring film for everyone who goes through a failed relationship. Elizabeth Gilbert’s (Julia) perfect world comes crashing down when she gets divorced. In search of her true self, she sets out on a journey to Italy, India and Indonesia, where she binges on food, goes on a spiritual retreat, and finally falls in love. The lesson to be learned? Time heals everything as far as you dedicate all of it for self-care.

Julia Roberts

 5. Runaway Bride

Back then, it was a common trope in films to show men getting cold feet a day before their wedding. But the tables turn in Runaway Bride—small-town handywoman Maggie Carpenter (Julia) can’t stop herself from fleeing from the altar every time she decides to tie the knot. Until she meets the big city reporter Ike Graham (again, the handsome Richard Gere). The interesting plot, coupled with the on-screen pairing is convincing enough to watch it repeatedly.

Julia Roberts

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