5 Indian Dishes That Pair Beautifully With Your Favourite Sparkling Wine

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Whether you’re hosting an end of year dinner or partaking in a potluck, it’s important to perfectly pair the food with the wine being served to enhance the flavour of both the food and the beverage. Even if you’re a self-confessed oenophile who’s partial to a glass of bubbly in the evening, the world of wine and all the terminology that comes with it can be baffling. While the thought of pairing Indian food with your favourite sparkling wines may seem even daunting, here are 5 Indian dishes that pair perfectly with a glass of Chandon sparkling wine! 

Butter Chicken

Who doesn’t love a hearty butter chicken? One of the most popular Indian dishes, Butter Chicken is globally renowned for its creamy flavorful gravy that can be enjoyed with rotis or rice. When paired with a fruit driven wine, such as our Chandon Rosé, which is an extra dry sparkling wine made with Shiraz grapes, it complements the burst of flavours and allows you to enjoy the fruity tones beneath.

Our suggested wine pairing: Sparkling Rosé; Chandon Rosé. 


Be it in the form of a gravy, starter or a side dish, cottage cheese or paneer complements the fresh and elegant Chandon Brut very well. The  freshness and acidity of Brut sparkling wine helps to cut through the richness of cottage cheese, giving it a smooth finish. The yeasty, toasty notes coming from extended aging complements the flavours of the dish.

Our suggested wine pairing: Brut Sparkling Wine; Chandon Brut

Coconut-Based Fish Curry

Coconut-based fish curries tend to be mild on the palette and creamy in taste, while the spices tend to add a little heat. A Brut sparkling wine, rich in fresh fruity acidity is perfect for softer spiced dishes with creamy/coconut sauces.

Our suggested wine pairing: Brut Sparkling Wine; Chandon Brut

Mildly spiced Barbecued meats

Barbecued meat can go well beyond a chilled pint of beer. The Indian version of barbecuing does take it a notch higher on the spice level and the best pair for tandoori meat is an extra dry sparkling wine. The delicate and fruity forward Chandon Rosé goes very well with a side of tandoori meats, perfectly balancing earthy, rustic spice blends with a refreshing contrast of fruits.

Our suggested wine pairing: Sparkling Rosé; Chandon Rosé

Dal Makhani

Another famous Indian dish that shines on the global food map is the modest yet full of flavour – Dal Makhani. The intense aromas of our Chandon Rosé, ripe cherries, red fruits and soft grapefruit lead to a rich, creamy, persistent finish of floral and fruity, a combination that is a delight with vegetarian consumers!

Our suggested wine pairing: Sparkling Rosé; Chandon Rosé

Pairing Indian food with wine doesn’t need to go by the book. By considering the elements of your meal, the spice level, the sauce, and creaminess, persistence and volume, you’ll find the perfect accompaniment that balances the dish and takes your meal to a whole new level.

Go beyond traditional norms of pairing; explore your own unique taste and palate to match with your favourite sparkling wine. Grape varieties offer a huge potential to deliver various wine styles for consumers to experience and introduce to the textures of Indian cuisine.

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