5 Indian Embroidery Artists To Follow On Instagram


Embroidery isn’t only associated with clothing or upholstery anymore. Budding and professional embroidery artists are now reviving hoop back embroidery and turning the peaceful art form into a decor element. What started as a peaceful hobby for some artists has turned into a full-fledged business. And we’re not talking simple one line stitches here; we mean young creative minds are capturing scenes and applying shading techniques with a needle and thread! Whether you want to borrow inspiration, add embroidery frames to your home as wall art, or simply follow Instagram accounts out of your love for aesthetics, check out these embroidery artists who are making waves in the art world.

1. Anuradha Bhaumik aka The Hoopla Back Girl 

This Bengaluru-based mixed media artist translates her love for plants and books into stunning embroidery art. Her inspiration comes from real people–it’s the mood she creates through her artwork that makes it so warm and inviting. When did she learn embroidery? It started at the age of 5 when her mom taught her the art to distract her from chickenpox. And from there, the hobby only grew. We’re not the only ones who’ve noticed her stunning work. It was recognised and shared by Belletrist, Emma’s Roberts’ book club. That’s cool, isn’t it? 

2. Naushin Kaipally 

There are multiple artists tackling societal norms through their visuals. Naushin does it with a needle and thread through her simple yet powerful embroidery. Addressing body positivity, mental health, patriarchy, and more–Naushin’s artwork aims to “break stereotypes, one art at a time.” The artist from Kerala is also the founder of Bari, an apparel and home decor online store.

3. Thaiyal by Aditya & Amma 

When the nation went into lockdown last year, embroidery artists Aditya Lavanya and her mother Mira Bai P turned extended their hobby to a business named Thaiyal–a Tamil word meaning ‘stitching’ or a ‘beautiful, empowered woman.’ The mother-daughter duo from Nagercoil (Tamil Nadu) experiment with intricate portraits, calligraphy quotes, sceneries and a recurring ‘Boat’ series (our personal favourite!). The artwork mostly feature techniques like stem, fly, back and running stitch, French knot, appliqué, among others on fabrics like net, kakhi and organza. 

4. Echoes by Gunjan 

What does one do when they have a Masters in History of Art and a love for intricate embroidery? Combine them, of course! Gunjan’s Echos is a brand focusing on miniature embroidered collector items inspired by Masterpieces from Art History. That’s why you’ll see pocket sized brooches and motifs on Van Gogh and Freida Kahlo the most, among others. This artist also goes a step beyond miniature art to merge embroidered frames featuring florals and portraits into jewellery. So you can also make a statement by wearing their stunning pieces as earrings. 

5. Yash by Shifania Shanoof

Getting married soon and need to send ‘Save The Date’ notes to send to your guests? Make an impression with something offbeat like a wedding embroidery invitation. This Telangana-based artist makes wedding portraits and calendars that can also be turned into beautiful invitation cards. 

- Lifestyle Editor


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