5 Real Brides Give Us An Insight Into Their Post-Pandemic Wedding Plans

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Post-pandemic weddings are different. From the guest list to the functions and attire, brides seem to be more focused on an intimate celebration over a big fat gala. While the general narrative is that the wedding market has seen a huge shift post the pandemic, with people opting for an actual experience over a big shindig, we turn to five real brides to know how their plans have actually changed. From the main focus to the guest list, to the location, what are brides looking at?

1. Pooja Shah, New York 

Image courtesy: Pooja Shah 

“My fiance and I both live and work in New York City. Our original plans were to get married in September 2021 in London, but we quickly realised that would be impossible due to the US/UK travel restrictions. Before the pandemic, we thought we would have a separate event here in the US, so my friends/family who could not travel to the UK would still feel like they were able to celebrate with us. After almost two years of planning, frankly, I am just tired of it. Having a wedding abroad is expensive as it is, but factoring in covid tests and fees adds a whole other level of financial stress that we previously didn’t consider.

Image courtesy: Pooja Shah 

I also don’t want to stress about looking for new outfits and jewellery. I no longer had a ‘dream dress’ that I wanted. I simply wanted an outfit that would get here on time and be of the correct measurements. I used to think I wanted a big fat Indian wedding because that’s what I grew up believing from Bollywood movies and the weddings I’ve attended. The realities of the pandemic made me realise that not everyone will be comfortable flying abroad or being in a large gathering. The focus now is safety and comfort. We want all of our guests to be fully vaccinated and comfortable about attending the festivities before committing to our events. Naturally, the guest list has been reduced to almost half. Initially, I was upset by this (as some of my own family members will not be attending), but I think I have slowly come to accept that the wedding will be special as long as me and my fiance both go into it with a positive, stress-free attitude.”

2. Rachita Berry, Mumbai 

Image courtesy: Rachita Berry

“We were planning to indulge in a destination wedding with all our friends and family. We decided to keep our wedding intimate with the second wave coming in and seeing people in distress. For us, the focus is having our closest family by our side on our big day. Spending time with our guests post our wedding, in the Maldives, and bringing in 2022 is what we are actually looking forward to.”

3. Pooja Khanna, Mumbai 


Image courtesy: Pooja Khanna

“For us, the biggest worry right now is the location. It was the least of my worries before the pandemic, but now, as we plan the wedding, our priority is finding a place that will accommodate all the guests, make sure everyone is safe, and also reflect our personalities.”

4. Manisha Kadam, Mumbai 

Image courtesy: Manisha Kadam

“We were supposed to get married last year, but due to pandemic and my fiancee’s sailing job, it got postponed to this year. Ideally, we would have loved an elaborate pre-wedding shoot, but it isn’t possible or even our main focus right now. Right now, we both want to ensure that all our guests are safe and we can have the wedding as per our customs and traditions.”

5. Samreen Samad, Mumbai

Image courtesy: Samreen Samad

“We always wanted a small intimate wedding, and so when we decided to get married in October 2020, the main focus was on safety and us getting to start living our lives together. Clothes, location, everything took a backseat for us. We started planning a month before, got a big hall to ensure that everyone has their own space, and eliminated all guests over 45 years of age, and guests with kids. We wanted everyone to stay safe, have a good time, and enjoy the wedding. It was just a really, really cool house party at the end of the day.”

All images reproduced with permission 

- Editor In Chief


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