Here Are 5 Reasons Why You Should Spend Your Adult Money On Despicable Me 4

Despicable Me

I don’t get the hype around Minions or the gibberish they speak, said no young adult ever. Everyone I know loves them and the Despicable Me series. When I got the chance to attend the screening after work hours, I had to say yes ’cause I’m a new adult who is still trying to navigate her way through a workplace. And when things get hectic, treating myself to some slapstick comedy or simply getting some me time is always a good option. The Despicable Me franchise is a pop culture phenomenon, which has made place in everyone’s heart be it a school kid or a 9-to-5 co-operate girl like me.

The fourth film of the franchise begins as Gru, Lucy, Margo, Edith, and Agnes welcome a new member to the family, Gru Jr, who is intent on tormenting his dad. This time, Gru’s nemesis is Maxime Le Mal and his girlfriend Valentina who are hell-bent to make his life hard. The story doesn’t take much of your brain cells but helps you relax at the same time.

In case you haven’t booked the tickets yet, I am sharing my top five reasons to do so.

1.  Reality Escape With Minions

The first reason to book your tickets for Despicable Me 4 is definitely the adorable minions. The goofy, aww-worthy, yellow colour, pill-shaped creatures, with distinctive goggles and overalls will win your heart over and over again. Their cute and quirky antics on screen are a great escape from reality after saving PDFs at your job; plus the movie shows how adults need a good dose of laughter as well.

2. The K-Pop Tunes

Who would have thought we would get BTS x Despicable Me 4 before GTA 6? The marketing team really won with this collaboration and the best part is that you won’t only get to listen to a popular BTS song in the movie; a Despicable Me 4 character Poppy Prescott (voiced by Joey King) is actually shown as an ARMY. The production team has also released BTS (Permission To Dance) funko pops for the fans to add to their collection.


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There’s also a major BLACKPINK song featured in the movie besides BTS.

3. Pop Culture References

At this point, I don’t need to say what movie this picture above is representing. (Alexa! play S&M by Rihanna). But the references don’t end here. Despicable Me 4 has slyly and smartly taken inspiration from major superhero movies to current pop icons in situations where you can’t help but share a laugh with the audience.

4. Pharrell Williams’ New Beat

Pharrell Williams whose popular song Happy was featured in the franchise more than a decade ago has returned with a new song titled Double Life. The song is everything you expect from the artist given that it narrates Gru’s and his family’s current life situation. The soundtrack also features, Elton John, Dua Lipa, Pitbull and more.

5. Family Bonding

Despicable Me 4 has some of the best family bonding scenes; you will catch them trying to hide their identities, pulling a heist and saving the city together. The scenes where Gru is trying to get his son to like him are all kinds of heartwarming and cute, followed by his three daughters adjusting to the new town together.

The movie is a must-watch for people who want to spend some chill time with friends and family or even alone. Despicable Me has its signature bright-coloured and detailed animated characters and has done a phenomenal job ensuring the viewers have a visually spectacular experience.

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