5 Samsung Galaxy Essentials for Campus & Beyond

Summer vacations are about to bow out, and frankly, it’s about time. But this also means that the back-to-campus hustle is sneaking up on us. The pressure is on to get everything just right. Students are gearing up for another round of classes, socializing, and maybe a bit of procrastination. And let’s give a round of applause to the parents who are bracing themselves for the chaos with a mix of determination and a touch of resignation.

But with how things are gearing up, the typical back-to-campus drill might not quite cut it this time. Forget just playing catch-up; it’s about staying ahead, keeping sharp, and rewriting the rules. It’s time to swap out the snooze-fest for something a bit more, well, galaxy-brain.

We sort of gave it away, didn’t we? Yes, the Samsung Galaxy Ecosystem has just what you need to hit the ground running this semester. They have the perfect arsenal of tech gadgets for the new generation of Galaxy users to thrive in this academic year. And because we know everyone loves a good list, here are our top picks for campus gadgets you’ll want in your backpack for 2024.


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Galaxy Book4 Pro 360

It is the Ultimate Hybrid Laptop! The Galaxy Book4 Pro 360 combines the power of a laptop with the versatility of a tablet. With a supercharged all-new Intel Core Ultra processor and Intel Arc GPU, along with the first-ever Intel NPU, which powers your device with AI capabilities, this 2-in-1 laptop, is perfect for everything from note-taking in lectures to gaming with friends. Its sleek design and flexibility make it ideal for multitaskers who need a device to keep up with their busy schedules. This laptop transitions smoothly from work to play, ensuring you’re always on top of your game.
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Galaxy Tab S9 series

When you’re trying to manage multiple assignments on the go, this tab is what you will call a ‘godsend’ to help you make it through. With a 14.6-inch display perfect for split-screen multitasking, this tablet is a game-changer. Its water and dust-resistant design means it can handle any campus adventure, from outdoor study sessions to bustling coffee shops. It is super convenient to use it as a second screen for your laptop or take notes directly on the tablet using the S Pen. And what’s better? With the latest OneUI 6.1 update, the new Galaxy AI features are now available on Tab S9 Ultra, Tab S9+ and Tab S9 as well.
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Samsung Galaxy S24

The future is AI; you don’t want to miss that train. The new Samsung Galaxy S24 series is powered by Galaxy AI, bringing innovative and practical AI features to your fingertips, transforming how you communicate, create, and discover the world. Barrier-free communication is a reality with features like Live Translate and Chat Assist, while Circle to Search with Google sets a new standard for search. The AI enhancements in this phone elevate every experience, making it an indispensable tool for modern students.
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Samsung Galaxy Watch6 Classic:

Between classes, assignments, extra-curricular activities, and even procrastinating, health is not on the ‘priority list’ for most students. So to help balance academics with a healthy lifestyle, all you need is a health coach, but on your wrist. The Samsung Galaxy Watch6 Classic is a perfect addition to your Galaxy ecosystem, it tracks your fitness, manages your calendar, and even lets you take calls, all from your wrist. It’s stylish enough for any occasion and practical enough to keep you organized.
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Samsung Galaxy Buds2 Pro

For those moments when you need to drown out the world and focus, the Samsung Galaxy Buds2 Pro are your best friend. Their active noise cancellation helps you stay in the zone during study sessions, and the seamless device switching ensures your audio experience remains uninterrupted when you’re connected to any device in the Galaxy ecosystem.
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Perfect Connected Experience for Students

As the new-age students transition to college, having a reliable, interconnected tech ecosystem becomes a necessity for a well-rounded learning experience. The magic of the Samsung Galaxy Ecosystem lies in its seamless interoperability, letting you communicate, work, entertain, and stay healthy like never before. Quick Share makes sharing assignments and study materials across your own devices and even with the devices of your friends a breeze, while Phone Link syncs your phone and PC, so you can manage documents and notifications with ease. No more juggling between screens—your content appears directly on your PC.

App Continuity is a game-changer, letting you switch between your smartphone and tablet without missing a beat. Whether you’re researching on your phone or shopping online, just pick up where you left off. Multi Control lets you manage all your devices with one keyboard and mouse, while Samsung Studio empowers you to create and edit video content seamlessly across your Galaxy devices and switch between devices without losing out on the last round of edits.

Get ‘Back-to-Campus’ exciting offers

Samsung has crafted the perfect toolkit for today’s students that offers a blend of affordability, durability, and exceptional battery life, ensuring that students are equipped to ace academics and stay connected without a hitch. Plus, their Samsung Student Advantage Program sweetens the deal with exclusive and additional 10% discounts just for students. You also get no-cost EMI options offering a flexible payment schedule and an instant bank cashback of up to INR 12,000 on select products.

You now have the power to redefine how you learn, create, and thrive, so join the ranks of the next-gen Galaxy users and #ShowThemHowItsDone.

To know more about these exciting student offers, visit Samsung.com

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