5 Things Bridal Hairstylists Want You To Know


The bridal season can be chaotic for any new bride-to-be, and dealing with last-minute hair crises can take the fun out of the festivities. Bridal hairstylists have been championing minimal routines and styles to give your mane a break before the big day. As for what you CAN do for bridal hair, here’s what experts have to say…

1. The Biggest Bridal No-Nos

For Nikki Arora, the problem lies in the popularity of OTT trends. “Intense backcombing, excessive crimping and dousing your hair with a whole can of hairspray is never good. Some structure is great–as it helps the longevity of the hairstyle–but choosing playful styles that are comfortable throughout your event is so important”.

Be cautious about –

1. Adding too many accessories– Adding too many flowers, braids, clips and pins and pieces of jewellery. It is overkill; instead, bring focus onto a statement piece or feature of your hairstyle that ties in with your entire look.

2. Growing your hair without proper care – Do not get sucked into growing your hair without getting regular haircuts. You can end up with dry and limp looking hair. Hairstylists can offer you extensions to get extra length. Doing your own hair – The rise of Pinterest and social media has inspired brides to do their hair themselves. But many are unaware of the consequences of over-drying their hair before the wedding. Lack of proper care can lead to excessive frizziness, and that can ruin your whole look.

3. Washing your hair on your wedding day – It is best if you don’t wash your hair on your wedding day. Bridal hairstyles are elaborate and require hours to do; freshly washed hair is difficult to tame. Dry shampoo can be a last-minute alternative – spray onto the roots first and then work your way down to the tips of your strands.

4. Overloading on hair treatments – It’s important to not have something semi-permanent done to your hair. For example, straightening, keratin, etc. Semi-permanent treatments cause difficulty for the hair professionals to style the bride’s hair. Hence, stay away from super chemical treatments.

5. Loading on too many products before your hair appointment – Stylists prefer styling hair with no leave-in product. The ideal canvas is to have hair that has been fully dried and straightened.

6. Using flowers that wilt easily – Pick floral blooms for your hairstyle with care; you do not want anything that wilts in a couple of hours. Keep your blossoms fresh by storing them in a fridge until you’re done with your hairdo!

2. How To Start Your Bridal Hair Care Routine

“Bridal hair care routines are important because you want to make sure that you are doing the right thing for your hair. However, it depends entirely on the texture of one’s hair and how each treatment seeks to sustain it. If you have any questions about this process, you should consult a professional before going to a salon for any treatments or other services that may impact your hair, such as hair colouring or spas, etc.,” recommends Pooja Khurana.

Expert tips to keep in mind are –

1. If you have curly hair, avoid high heat to keep your curls damage-free. Instead, opt for a quality serum or curl defining products to help even out the weight of your locks.

2. Pick products that match the texture of your hair. Oil your hair once or twice a week with warm argan oil.

3. Your last big hair transformation cut should be 3 months before the big day, as freshly cut hair is often too soft to style. To retain a healthy length, trim your hair every 3-4 weeks, starting from 4 weeks before till a week after getting married.

4. Get your hair coloured at least a month, or about 15 days before the big day, to ensure a safe result. Consult with your hairstylist about any changes you would like made. Things like haircuts or changes in colour shouldn’t be done too early and then regretted later.

5. Include foods such as dry fruits, avocados, fish, fresh vegetables, and plenty of water in your diet at least 6 months leading up to your wedding date.

3. How To Plan Your Bridal Hair Look

Shradha Luthra revealed, “Firstly, the bride should always keep in mind what her own personal style is and how she usually dresses up. She should also keep her face shape in mind. For example, a sleek summer hairstyle wouldn’t necessarily complement a fuller face. Accessories like matha patti or their maang tikka are another critical factor that determines how your hair would actually sit. For example, if you want a super voluminous messy hairdo, a matha patti wouldn’t go well with that. Hence, the accessories, dress and hair should be in sync. Plan each aspect one at a time. If you plan your accessories first, I would suggest deciding the hairstyle based on your purchase and vice versa.”

Other crucial factors to watch out for –

1. The blouse of your outfit – if your outfit has a beautiful focal point on the back, you would want to highlight that by choosing an updo or a side-swept hairstyle.

2. The theme of the event – If your event is an elegant affair, then an updo style or Hollywood waves would be more appropriate.

3. Season, location and time of the event – These factors can impact how well your hairdo will hold for long hours.

4. How To Set Up A Hairstyle Test

Request a hair trial at least 2-3 months to 15 days before the wedding date to allow your stylist enough time to come up with options. Booking it too early in the planning process could lead to second-guessing due to changing trends. Wear something similar to your wedding ensemble so you can visualise how everything will look; bring your veil and jewellery to the trial. Experimenting is great, but it’s important to know what works for you. Hence, discuss your outfit, make-up and accessories with bridal hairstylists beforehand. It’s important to pre-decide everything and take photos of different hairstyles you try from different angles. Seeing the whole look from different angles helps a lot too.

When picking a hair artist, ensure that they are easy-going and align with your vision. Research on your artist’s previous experience to gauge their versatility better. Look for neatness, good communication skills, someone who is open to collaborating and making changes, and who makes you feel comfortable. Do not hold back in having an honest and detailed conversation with your stylist; it will help them execute your vision better.

5. General Tips To Keep In Mind

1. Leading up to the wedding, you will style your hair a lot. But overdoing it will overwhelm the hair with products. A build-up of products may cause interference for your stylist when they are working on your hair. Therefore it is vital to invest in a good quality hair mask only for days your hair needs a pick-me-up.

2. Avoid excessive heat or styling tools on the days it isn’t required.

3. After each event, apply a leave-in conditioner and detangle ‘before’ washing the hair. Avoid sleeping in a bun or ponytail; instead, try a braid or a silk wrap as it helps reduce breakages.

4. As compared to salon treatments, which are a temporary fix, home care makes a world of difference. Invest in a great shampoo and conditioner that suits your hair type. Use nutrient-rich elixirs like argan, jojoba, and almond oils; avoid coconut oil as it can be very drying.

5. Get your vitamin intake checked by a dietician 6 months before the wedding.

6. Make sure you consult with a professional before making any decisions about your hair, like planning what colour treatment or style you want. Do not attempt DIY activities – always book a trial with a salon and get some advice from the pros!

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