5 Things That People Should Look At Before Selecting Their Wines

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Most wine drinkers know if they prefer red or white wine, sparkling or rosé, but all the different varieties of these can become confusing. The type of grape varieties, region, soil, climatic conditions and winemaking process truly defines the taste of the wine, and so a little bit of wine knowledge goes a long way.

Kaushal Khairnar, Head Winemaker, Chandon India

Exploring wine can be an inexhaustible adventure and so I hope this guide helps with enhancing your experience by helping you understand the basics of wine selection.

1. Plan Ahead

It’s important to try to get baseline knowledge about the types of wine. Why you want to purchase a certain type of wine, for what occasion, what type of food will accompany the wine and where you are planning to purchase the wine bottle from (it’s better to opt for a store with a variety of wine options).

2. Wine Labels

Always read the information provided on the wine label because this will help you understand what to expect from the wine bottle. The new Chandon labels, for example, include information like the type of wine, region it has been produced in as well as the blend and dosage.

3. Information

Seek out information online on the producer, region and variety, these factors play an important role in the taste of the wine

4. Check Storage And Packaging Conditions Of The Bottle

Pay attention to the storage and packaging conditions mentioned on the label or on the website of the brand. Sometimes I even like to feel the temperature of the bottle just to ensure that it hasn’t been consistently exposed to very high temperatures as that can alter the taste of the wine.

5. Learn And Repeat

Purchasing wine and getting it right is something that comes with practice. If you taste the wine and you like it you repeat it, it’s that simple. The easiest way is to experiment. Try a range of different varieties and take note of the characteristics. Tasting practice will help you spot great quality too!

Let us know in the comments what is your preference of wine? Sparkling or Rosé?

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