5 things you didn’t know about November ’17 cover star Jacqueline Fernandez

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When Jacqueline Fernandez isn’t being Bollywood’s sweetheart, setting up restaurants or campaigning for animal rights, she’s reading George Orwell, preparing for her retirement in the Mediterranean, planning a date with Deadpool, and dreaming of waking up as Kate Middleton. The effervescent actor and true-blue ’90s kid is unsurprisingly also a slam book star. We got her to answer 50 questions in a rapid-fire round. Excerpts below:

#1 ELLE: What’s a fashion trend you wouldn’t be caught dead in?

Jacqueline Fernandez: Definitely Crocs. I would not wear Crocs.

#2 ELLE: You love baking. When was the last time you did it and what did you bake?

JF: I last baked banana walnut muffins for Easter with my mum. They are super-healthy and totally free of dairy, wheat and sugar. I don’t actually cook a lot, but I love baking, especially my own bread!

#3 ELLE: Which superhero would you date?

JF: Ironman! Wait, hold on, who is the other funny guy? Yeah, Deadpool! I would date Deadpool.

#4 ELLE: Who is your favourite Disney princess?

JF: Ariel and Jasmine — I can’t just pick one! The former because she was a mermaid with beautiful orange-red hair. Jasmine because she was a very strong character, not to mention, I played Jasmine in my debut film, Aladin (2009).

#5 ELLE: What do you miss most about home?

JF: Waking up and drinking my mum’s coffee.

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