5 Times Gordon Ramsay Made Us Cry – It’s Not What You Think


Arguably one of the most renowned culinary personalities in the world, Gordon Ramsay is well-known for his signature Beef Wellington. But we’ll go out on a limb and say that he’s better known for his ‘idiot sandwich’ comment. A 7-Michelin star chef and the host of multiple reality tv shows, Ramsay does not mince his words when offering feedback and is savagely entertaining. Surprisingly though, there have also been multiple instances when he reveals a totally different side to his personality. So believe us or not, here are 5 times that Ramsay showed us that he can be nice too:

1. When he made reels with his daughter 


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Ramsay is hardly a pushover, but for his kids, he’s ready to do anything. From hopping on to reel trends to making fun dance videos with his daughter Matilda, Ramsay pleasantly surprised his followers with some lighthearted lockdown content.

2. When he had a cook-off with his mom 

In an epic battle of the apple puddings, Ramsay went head-to-head with his mom. The banter between the mother-son duo is a treat to watch but the highlight of the cook-off is when she Gordon Ramsay-ed Ramsay by calling his undercooked pudding a sinking Titanic. We still can’t get over this one.

3. His undercover pranks

Besides being a sensational cook, Ramsay is also quite the prankster and enjoys going undercover to surprise his employees and fans. In this particular segment, Ramsay works as a waiter for the five-year anniversary party of his Las Vegas restaurant and causes a commotion with his antics.

4. Christine’s apple pie incident

Christine Ha was the first blind contestant of MasterChef US and the winner of its third season in 2012. During this episode, Christine had a hard time getting her apple pie right and was seriously doubting the final outcome of her dish. Ramsay was quick to dismiss her worry and encouraged Christine to believe in herself. Not just that, he took her through the dish by describing what it looks like and used sounds to help her understand how perfectly it was baked. Everyone was in tears—we’re no exception. Watch the full video here.

5. His interactions with the Masterchef Junior contestants 

Ramsay may be the devil in disguise for the adults on Masterchef US, but to the juniors, he’s basically Mary Poppins. From dressing up as an elf, letting them smash pies on his face and praying to the soufflé gods, Ramsay’s really just a big old teddy bear. When a Masterchef junior contestant started crying in the middle of a cook, he comforted her and said, “I have three daughters, Holly, Meg and Matilda, and they always cry in the kitchen, but they cry with laughter. So I’m not leaving until you laugh.”

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