Five ways to get your eyebrows on fleek


Strong brows can make or break a look; if you remember the skinny brow trend, circa 2000, you know that eyebrows play an essential role in framing your face. Strong, arched, dense, or bushy—whatever your pick, nowadays it’s all about accentuating your natural eyebrows. Here are five tips that’ll help you put your best brows forward:

1. Make a mark

Always ensure that you mark the three essential points—the beginning of your eyebrow should line up with the bridge of your nose, the arch should follow the pattern of your natural brow, and the end of your brow should line up with the corner of your nose—before you fill them in.

2. Always use a shade lighter

Even if you have really dark brows, your choice of pigment should never be stark black. Go with hues of browns, or dark greys, so that they don’t stand out.

3. Step away from the mirror

Remember, whether you are filling in your brows or tweezing the strays, ensure that you always step away from the mirror between sessions. This allows you to see the bigger picture, quite literally.

4. Double up your products

Running out on brow gel? Get creative with a brown eye shadow and an angular brush. Concealer works wonders as an illuminating highlighter—outline your brows with some product to make that brow bone pop.

5. Always blend

Use a spoolie brush to blend the product into your brows, instead of having a block colour across them. This makes the eyebrows look far more natural.


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