The Restrictive Corset Has Seen A Resurgence. Thankfully, This Avatar Is Comfortable And Sexy


The modern-day resurgence of the corset has successfully waged a war against the timeworn narrative associated with the garment. Nay needeth to compress thy bosom and rib cage anym’re. Now it’s all about your personal style & tossing old customs out, baleen included.

While the grandiosity of a corset can trump all our ‘what to wear’ woes, styling the same may require a plan or two. Picking the right one can look a lot like searching for your mum in the frozen section aisle. While the analogy gods may squirm reading this, we assure you, scrolling through these 5 tips, will elicit a more positive response. Read up & press refresh on your wardrobe.

Lacy Origins


Often considered more fitting for a boudoir setting, lacy corsets needn’t rot within the 4 walls of your bedroom. Take them out for a spin, pump them with some Vitamin D & accessorize them right. Always stick to a monochrome palette when lace is in the picture. Clashing colors may dull the glory of the piece. Pairing them with oversized blazers & trench coats works well too.

The Underbust Act


Relatively fresh off the high fashion circuit, these under-bust corsets are amazingly varied & come in knit, lace, denim & velvet variants. If you’re the one who’s always shied away from wearing one due to constriction factors, this one’s a must try. Heavy chested women can too, find solace with an under bust corset. Pairs well with solid, satin shirts & turtle necks.

Flouncy Flair


Can we hear some commotion for volume & dimension? Always considered a tightly constructed garment, corsets can be easy-going too. With a light fabric like linen or viscose, spruce up your usual by opting for a peplum alternative. Dressier & mildly romantic aesthetic-wise, date night’s sorted with a piece like this. Alia agrees, we reckon.

Rise Of The Reconstructed


Rooted in 19th century style yet newfangled at its core, this corset top worn by Janhvi Kapoor helps us build faith in this reconstruction of sorts. Originating below the empire seamline, the netted & boned corset melded with the shawl collar top is a rather interesting choice. Versatile aplenty & fit for the experimental tribe.

Stick To The Basics


Phew, okay. Lace, under bust, deconstructed yada yada. There will be modifications every now & then, but the original sits right atop the pyramid. Be it a fuss free strapless corset or one attached with dropped sleeves, nothing beats the prototype. Experiment with colors, prints or sleeve attachments & retain the old flavor. But this time in Mumbai, not Pemberley.

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