6 best beers in India for women who don’t like beer


Any seasoned drinker knows that while coconut water will keep you cool, nothing says chill like a cold one. And while every beer lover will argue which brew should be your go-to, we suggest taking time out to find one that works for you. Pick it according to your favourite fruit, flavor, or situation. One of the best things about a beer is that there are no one-size-fits. We’ve drunk our way through a myriad option — light, fruity, hoppy and summery — to arm you with the 6 best beers in India, especially for women who don’t like beer. Not to mention one that won’t wreck your beer body.

6 best beers in India to beat the summer heat:

Toit's Mosambi Wheat

Nothing beats the heat like a mosambi juice. Citrusy and refreshing, the only thing it lacks is a kick. Enter Toit's Mosambi Wheat. The sweet lime rendition is a sure win at 6% ABV. The slight bitterness from the infused lemon peels complements its citrusy flavour. If you're still not sold on the fruit-based beer, maybe go for a 'one by two' to beat the Indian heat. After all, sweet lime does keep you hydrated. 

Best for the: Juice junky

Happy by Thirsty

The name says it all. And if it didn't, the bright yellow packaging does. The beer has a crisp, summery taste with a slight tinge of orange as an afterthought. But don't be fooled by the fruity aftertaste, the beer also has a few dark notes as you keep sipping. Happy also comes in a 6-pack equipped with a pin-pong ball and party cups so you can set up a game of beer pong pretty much anywhere. The beer is also a great base for beer cocktails with a 7.50% ABV.

Best beer for: A pool party


Singha's sweet malty taste makes it slightly heavier than some other beers on our list. But for regular beer drinkers looking for only a mild citrus aftertaste, the beer pairs great with foods that pack a flavourful punch. The beer is designed for a hot day thanks to its slightly watery composition. At 5% ABV, it goes down easy with dinner.

Best beer for: Beating the heat, chillies or otherwise.

Sidecar at Gateway Brewery

Kashmir may not be known for its beer, but everyone knows about its cool temperatures and apples. Gateway Brewery have taken those two qualities and brewed us up the perfect summer cider. The lightly carbonated cider is sweet with mild tart notes of Lal Ambri Apples. At 5% ABV, you won't even feel these babies go down... until you do. 

Best beer for: The lightweight

Mango Cyder, Doolaly

Nothing says summer in India like mangoes. Nothing. Except maybe mango beer. Summer's two best ingredients marry in the ultimate summertime brew. It's sweet, it's seasonal and it tastes like your childhood... well almost. 

Best beer for: Aamras addicts

Bira, Light

While the Bira White is low in bitterness with a citrus hint, our pick for summer has to be the Light. The low-calorie lager does that thing beer does to you in the summer without wreaking havoc on your bikini body. The bikini brew has fewer calories than a glass of wine, perfect for the girl who loves beer but hates the bloat. At 90 calories a bottle, Light boasts an impressive 4% ABV. 

Best for the: Weight watcher 

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