6 Queer Illustrators Who Are Striking Conversation With Art

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Often viewed as a reflection of one’s thoughts and emotions, art has transcended into a secondary language today. From igniting political revolutions to expressing opinions more vividly, its capability to evoke feelings is unparalleled. And when it comes to using it as a form of expression, to state it simply, it creates magic. If you’re on the hunt for Instagram accounts embedded with meaning and grids which are weaving a dialogue, then we’ve prepared the ultimate roster. Ahead, we’ve rounded up six queer illustrators who will educate you about everything from LGBTQIA+ struggles to rainbow washing.

1. Ashton Attzs

A cursory glance through queer artist Ashton Attzs’ feed will present you with an amalgamation of colourful and uplifting artwork. The London-based painter, illustrator and poet perfectly mirror their personal exploration of queer and POC (Person Of Colour) identity. They create art as their way of honouring the marginalised people in society, and each creation is as thought-provoking as the next.

2. ParamBanana


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Liberated, colourful, feminist and proudly gay, Param Sahib’s eclectic feed is unabashedly fearless considering India’s demographic and critical society. Often depicting a Sikh man who’s proudly queer, Sahib places the main subject in a string of unconventional settings which are hard to ignore. The Delhi-based artist also juggles multiple hats, one of them being a fashion designer of their eponymous homegrown label.

3. Jenifer Prince

Looking for art that is focused on lesbian narratives? From their love, life, sexuality and everything in between trust Jenifer Prince to fill you up on those emotions. The work of the Brazilian queer artist is characterised by a combination of mid-century comic aesthetic influence, crafted narratives and pop culture references. Passionate and curious, their millennial-friendly artwork aesthetic is something to look out for.

4. Veer Misra


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Delhi-based illustrator and visual artist Veer Misra’s work explores the realms of love and intimacy through queer storytelling. Inclining strongly towards a sombre tone and mood, the artwork offers a range of mediums—think impressions, freehand drawing and defined storyboards.

5. Hernan Bas


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Best known for depicting the lives of waifs and dandies (stemming from their own experiences), Hernan Bas’ decadent and contemporary art softly paints the picture of queer life. The artist hailing from Miami is an expressionist who has mastered paying keen attention to details and shows their late-nineteenth-century art inspiration through modern techniques.

6. Priyanka Paul


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The objective of Priyanka Paul’s art is simple and straightforward— injustice faced by the transgender community and highlighting the stigma and oppression that they face. Through intricate, minutely detailed artwork, the Mumbai-based artist brings the essence of this suffering to life in the form of striking creations.

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