6 Rakshabandhan Gifts That Your Sister Will Appreciate

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We’ve moved on. Gone are the days when women needed to rely on the men in their lives for protection and provision. We now turn to our brothers to be secret keepers, to go down to get a packet of instant noodles and so that we have a sibling to annoy. This doesn’t mean that we don’t need help from time to time. And what else are brothers for, if not to make our lives a little less burdened? Rakshabandhan celebrates the beautiful bond between a brother and sister.

In the modern era, it is difficult to find ways to help sisters who seem to have it all -and are all-rounders and go-getters. Rather than buying them presents that they are not sure about how to use, the best things you can give them are gifts of convenience. If you are looking for ways to make your sister’s life easier, look no further than this gifting guide that is full of items made to lessen the burden of day to day struggles.

1. Philips Handheld Garment Steamer


Imagine this scenario: your hardworking, non-stop hustling sister is about to leave for a very important presentation meeting but when she takes a quick glance in the mirror before stepping out the door, she is mortified. Her shirt is terribly wrinkled. Now, as her brother, you might tease her about it but it might help a whole lot more if your Rakshabandhan gift to her will save her from being late at a career-changing opportunity. The Phillips Garment Steamer you bought her is so efficient and easy to use that it fixes up her shirt in minutes and she is on her way feeling more confident than ever.

2. Philips SpeedPro Aqua Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

Although it’ll be very hard to accept that anyone out there is good enough for your favourite girl, you do hope she finds happiness with somebody. A vacuum cleaner may not seem like a fancy gift for Rakshabandhan but it definitely helps her out when her nervous and clumsy self spills her tea on the floor just as her date is pulling up to the house. The SpeedPro cleaner works like fast magic. The floor is spotless in the blink of an eye. Now she can never say you are too overprotective and don’t support her dating life.

3. Philips Air Purifier

The city air has never been great for anyone. With all the pollution increase, it only keeps getting worse. And while your sister might escape to the hills when she gets the time, maybe you can make the air in the city a little better for her lungs. Gifting her the Air Purifier for Rakshabandhan will definitely make a difference in the quality of air in her house and her overall health. Look at you, improving her life in ways you never could have predicted.

4. Philips Digital XL Air Fryer

The modern woman doesn’t have time to make elaborate meals. Juggling career, family and social life is already so much work that cooking is just an added stress that she’d rather avoid. Junk food on the regular can be fun but it is not the most nutritious option for your sister. One of the best Rakshabandhan gifts you can give her is the very popular Air Fryer. It helps turn all those exciting, unhealthy snacks into better versions of them. And maybe now, as a gesture of appreciation, she will be more inclined to cook for you.

5. Phillips Low Noise Mixer Grinder

Nobody likes the sound of the mixer. Especially now when there are so many of us working from home, the daily domestic noises can be the worst hindrance to productivity. Think of how many zoom meetings and conference calls have been disrupted because of the mixer going off at the wrong time. Help your sister out by gifting her this Low Noise Mixer Grinder for Rakshabandhan this year. Every time it is used and she hears the melodious sound of nothing, she will thank the universe for giving her a brother like you.

6. Philips Sneaker Shoe Cleaner

Brunch is the most important meal of the day. And just like any other woman, your sister deserves a good time. To feel good, you must look good and dressing up is very uplifting for us all. Whether she’s wearing a dress or jeans, it’s crucial that her footwear stay sparkly clean. Take a step towards helping her improve her style game by gifting her the Sneaker Cleaner for Rakshabandhan.

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