6 Simple Techniques To Improve Your Mental Well-being

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Historically, more emphasis was placed on an individual’s physical well-being as compared to their mental health. However, thanks to experts and advocates of the mental health space, asking for emotional support is no longer shunned or shamed. Nursing both mind and body in tandem has been proven to be highly beneficial, especially in the last two years. Here are some easy techniques and activities that can help infuse positivity and bring about happiness and contentment in your daily life:

1. Gratitude Journal

By penning down words of thankfulness for the things we have to the Universe/ God/ Higher Power, the mind gets inclined to count blessings instead of lack in our lives. By sparing just ten minutes daily for journaling, you will notice an instant mood lift as it is believed that a grateful heart attracts more abundance and peace.

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2. Affirmations


The process of repeating positive statements called ‘affirmations’ with faith is a powerful tool. Though it is a slow process and requires repeated practice – in the long run, it helps improve a person’s state of mind considerably and mitigates stress too. Affirmations are believed to bring about the fruition of goals and desires.

3. Vision boards and creative visualization

Touted by celebrities like Oprah and Deepak Chopra, creating vision boards is a superlative way to imagine your ideal life and manifest it into reality. It involves putting together short-term or long-term goals via pictures on cardboard and hanging it on a wall where it is most visible. It should be pleasing to your eye and contain the goals dearest to your heart. Now whenever you look at your vision board, allow yourself to daydream without restraints and see your dreams come true.

4. Meditation

There is no better feeling than the calmness you feel when you’re deep in meditation. The lightness and the feeling of serenity are unparalleled and hence this practice is followed worldwide. Meditation allows you to focus on your breath and sidestep invasive, negative thoughts. Once it becomes a part of your daily life, it will help dispel unnecessary worries, keep your mind neutral, and prepare you to face challenges constructively.

5. Cuddle therapy

A new form of alternative therapy, ‘cuddling’ with a professional cuddler is gaining momentum. It involves hugging, holding, chatting and snuggling with a professional cuddler to fulfill the lack of personal touch in your real life. It provides comfort and security, especially for older people who grapple with loneliness. While this therapy may not be everyone’s cup of tea, it’s interesting to know that a solution like this exists.

6. Pranayama – deep breathing

A time-tested, proven technique that is in my opinion the best mood lifter out there, is Pranayama. Deliberate deep breathing for at least 20 mins a day is scientifically proven to improve the mood as more oxygen is provided to the brain and body. But the mental benefits are immense too, deep breathing helps balance the mind and provide clarity of thought as well.

Do try some of the techniques listed above consistently and watch them work wonders for your emotional and mental well-being.

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