7 Date Ideas For Valentine’s Day That Are *Actually* Fun

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We get it – figuring out the perfect date ideas for Valentine’s Day is hard. You obviously don’t want to be the clichéd romantic, who takes their significant other to a restaurant that’s adorned with cheesy, Cupid-shaped decor. On the other hand, though, you don’t want to be the indifferent partner who does nothing. Navigating the right kind of Valentine’s day plan is never easy, and with the day nearing closer and closer, stress levels are bound to be high – to a point where, well… Is doing anything on the day, if it’s so stress-inducing, really worth it?



While we can’t assure you that everything’s going to be roses and daisies, what we can assure you is this – leave the planning to us. We’ve come up with a few V-Day date ideas that are super fun, easy-breezy, and will have you gunning for the partner of the year award too. PS: These ideas are also pandemic-approved, and are easy on your pocket. Thank us later!

1. Plan A Picnic

When you combine good food with being outside in the cool, crisp air, your relationship literally can’t help but bloom. Also, we’ve only got a few more days of the gorgeous winter sun left… so why not hit up a local park, pack a cheese and charcuterie board, and head out for a picnic with your boo?!


2. Have A Wine-And-Paint Night

Speaking of wine, you need to try a wine and paint night this V-day. Buy a bunch of paint supplies and a canvas, add a bottle or two of some prime Vino to the mix, and you’re in for a good time. Pro-tip: Try following a Bob Ross tutorial on Youtube, and see how well you fare against your date. It’s always fun to add some healthy competition into the mix.


3. Go For A Staycation

Want to be thoughtful without the back-breaking work? Plan a staycation with your significant other. Since Valentine’s day falls on a weekend, head out to a dreamy Airbnb or a fancy hotel you’ve always wanted to stay at. We’re thinking room service, bathtubs, and fluffy pillows for the win.


4. Netflix And Chill All The Way

Listen, we know this is a clichéd trope, but it just works so well! Movie nights never get old, and when you add the ‘and chill’ into the mix… Anyway, even if you’re planning a virtual date, you can try a platform like TwoSeven, which lets you and your partner watch a film from any streaming platform and allows the both of you to be on a video call and talk. Sounds like a win-win to us.


5. Virtual Game Night

No board games? No problem. Whether this is the first date with a Tinder match or your umpteenth date with your long-distance partner, a virtual game night always ensures an exciting time. Try your hand at Pictionary on Skribbl, get a little competitive on the mobile version of Call Of Duty, or revisit your tween memories on Club Penguin. (Yeah, it still exists. You’re welcome.) Also, why not add fun rules to the game? Loser buys pizza for the winner!


6. Go On A Bike Ride

Looking for a date idea that’s socially-distanced, and keeps you fit? Explore your city with a bike ride. Renting cycles in major cities is pretty easy; otherwise, you can always borrow (read: steal) your sibling’s bike. Make sure to hit all the spots you love and all of the ones you want to see. You’ll be putting in some active miles while helping the environment too.


7. Plan Your Own Food Tour

ICYMI, food is definitely the way to someone’s heart. We’d agree that one of the best ways to get to know someone is through a food tour. And you don’t need to make restaurant reservations for this, either – we’re thinking hygienic, street-food all the way. All you need to do is – drop pins on all the places you want to visit on Google Maps, head out to the closest one, and make your way from there. Your tastebuds will thank you for it!


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