7 Greatest Shows with A Perfect Run


There are times when you come across a show which stays with you but you would love to exterminate that one season that was just so hard to watch, that you were just cringing as to why did you call it “the greatest show ever” to your friend before this? or maybe a show which is exemplary until they come out with a terrible finale that makes no sense (Looking at you, GoT). 

These are the kind of shows that makes you scared over a “season 2 announcement” because you don’t want them to ruin a good run. But alas, it happens and you’re disappointed and you wish nothing more than just barging into the writer’s room and serving justice to the plot. But quite rarely, there are productions with the most perfect run which has you under its spell till the last minute and it feels like a breath of fresh air when all their seasons, consecutively keep making you happy. Yes, of course, it’s subjective but here’s looking at sitcoms, series or shows which are agreeably awesome for a long stint. 

Breaking Bad 

Breaking Bad (TV Series 2008–2013) - IMDb

Storytelling is a work of art, managing a plot, the characters and the build-up is something which Breaking Bad hit jackpot in. Following the life of a chemistry teacher, Walter White (Bryan Cranston) and his former student, Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul) who are a crystal meth manufacturing duo set in New Mexico. They navigate through loss, underworld, and character developments but the show remains consistent till the end of its 5th and final season.  

Stream it on: Netflix


Mindhunter S2 Art | Cartaz, Filmes, Cultura pop

As a true crime fan, this show feeds all my thrills and hunger to know the idiosyncrasy of some of the world’s most sinister serial killers. With only two seasons cinched and David Fincher being one of the exec producers, the series is a tour de force in the world of series covering atrocities, crime and murder. Set in the late 70s, the limited season’s series go around two FBI agents, Holden Ford (Jonathan Groff) and Bill Tench (Holt McCallany ) who catch serial killers by understanding the inner workings of a criminal’s mind. 

Stream it on: Netflix

Modern Family

season 3 poster - Modern Family Photo (37540829) - Fanpop

Do let me know if you find a single bad season of this sitcom because this is a true comfort watch (you can’t, tbh). Every season comes back stronger with the shenanigans, glee, hilarity and some balanced side characters who join the crazy Dunphys and Pritchetts in their rollercoaster ride of quirks and eccentricities.  The best part is that it has 11 seasons, so it’s extremely fulfilling. 

Stream it on: Disney + Hotstar

Schitt’s Creek

Schitt's Creek (TV Series 2015–2020) - IMDb

These 6 seasons’ wonder is a ball of wholesomeness and would feel like a warm blanket on gloomy days. The Rose family falls from grace and fortune right into, ‘Schitt’s Creek’, a small town bought by them long ago, as a joke. The family is taught the value of love, patience, hard work and how to survive on an Amish farm for three days. Plus, the love story of David and Patrick is beyond adorable (brb, watching ‘David & Patrick cute moments’ now)

Stream it on: Netflix

Stranger Things


Stranger things just came out with it’s 4th season and it definitely was worth the wait. So, putting a lot of faith in the next installation and adding it to the list since this show has not had a single bad season till now and that’s quite rare for the fantasy genre. But I’m not complaining as I witness the 6 kids (now teens, sadly) fighting the Demogorgon, Mind Flayers and whatever life throws at them with absolute swag and some good 70s, 80s classics to go with their big hair and plaid shirts. It only makes you want more, tbh.

Stream it on: Netflix

 Mr Robot 

Mr Robot Poster for Room & Office (13 inch X 19 inch, Rolled) Paper Print - Movies posters in India - Buy art, film, design, movie, music, nature and educational paintings/wallpapers at Flipkart.com

This one is for the ones who have been hurt by the “Series finale” of their favourite show once upon a time. Worry not, earthlings because Mr Robot has a satisfying ending, brilliant acting by Rami Malek and will make you lose your mind with all the theories you can come up with (brain exercise, really). With 4 seasons in, this show can be called ‘peak television’ for a lot and let’s be honest, the piano arrangement is a stroke of excellence. I won’t spoilt the plot as it’s only fun to watch it when you don’t know what you’re in for. 

Stream it on: Amazon Prime


Panchayat (TV Series 2020– ) - IMDb

Simple is beautiful and this show does that. Just recently out, the second season follows the life of Abhishek, an engineering graduate who gets a job in a small village in UP and very reluctantly has to blend into that lifestyle, but what we see is a smooth and virtuous transition. The makers of the show have shown beauty in mundane challenges with no extra ‘Mirch masala’ to please anyone.

Stream it on: Amazon Prime


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