7 Times Adele Proved To Be A Badass

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If there’s one artist who can have us ugly crying over the lyrics of her songs while also cracking us up with her golden sense of humour, it is Adele. With her effervescent personality, authentic approach and heart touching melodies, there’s nobody quite like her in the music industry. Adele’s tunes aren’t just songs meant to be heard but ballads that demand to be belted out while missing the one that got away.


She’s charming, down to earth, witty, intelligent and outspoken – but most importantly, she is unapologetically herself. There’s no doubt that her incredible talent and powerful voice have made her one of the most beloved singers in the world, but her genuineness is what has her living in our hearts rent-free. We take a look at the singer-songwriter’s best moments over the years that prove why she’s a total badass:

1. When She Rapped Nicki Minaj’s Verse From Monster 

Bringing her glistening sparkle to Carpool Karaoke, a popular segment on The Late Late Show with James Corden – Adele showed off her sassy side and left us all speechless with her cover of Nicki Minaj’s verse from the hit song Monster. Even the rapper couldn’t hold back her excitement as she tweeted “Adele is mad ratchet. I can’t take her #UK #WutsGood”.

2. When She Taught Us How To Not Take Life So Seriously


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Following her split from her longtime partner Simon Konecki, Adele took to Instagram to finally break her silence on the matter. How did she do it? With a meme of course. Only a few turn life’s lemons into lemonade the way Adele does.

3. When She Kept It Real 

In a candid interview with Fredrik Skavlan, Adele got real about what fame means to her. “The bigger your career gets, the smaller your life gets”, she says. Her revelations about not having access to her Twitter account, her upbringing, adulting, lullabies and lots more left the audience cheering with delight.

4. When She Auditioned To Be An Adele Impersonator 

A brilliant singer, a marvellous songwriter and an epic prankster – trust Adele to always walk in with a box full of surprises. With the help of some prosthetics and commendable acting skills, she managed to go undercover and fool everyone.

5. Her Performance At The Royal Albert Hall


Someone like you is a song that never fails to bring us to tears, but this particular performance felt like soul transcendence. Listening to the crowd singing their hearts out with her still gives us goosebumps. Watch the full performance here. 

6. Her First-Ever Instagram Live Session 


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One word – hilarious. From playing a snippet of her upcoming single to answering her fans’ most pressing questions in true Adele fashion, the singer-songwriter’s surprise Instagram live was a treat to watch.

7. When She Announced Her Upcoming Album 30


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Six years later, Adele is all set to make her return. She announced the release date of her new album 30 on Instagram with a heartfelt note. “I’ve painstakingly rebuilt my house and my heart since then and this album narrates it,” she writes. We are ready with our box of tissues and broken hearts for November 19th 2021, are you?

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