7 Times Katy Perry Served Weird & Wonderful Looks


Whether it’s her music videos, on-stage performances or red carpet appearances, Katy Perry’s sartorial choice is nothing short of bold and quirky. And we have to confess–she’s one of the few stars who can rock those wacky looks with so much ease. Her style has always been experimental and extravagant, so much so that it has become a part of her personality, which fans have come to adore. We reminisce 7 weird and wonderful looks she has pulled off so far. 

1. When She Kept It Lit

How can we forget the time when Katy Perry lit up the 2019 Met Gala red carpet in a Chandelier Dress by Moschino! She definitely understood the assignment and made a statement with her avant garde choice. 

2. The Time She Made Us Crave For A Burger

Later that night, the singer switched to a juicy look at the Met Gala. She decided to do some belated promo for her 2017 single “Bon Appétit” in a cheeseburger costume during the night’s dinner and dancing festivities. NGL, the outfit certainly made us hungry. 

Katy Perry

3. Popcorn, Anyone?

Remember the iconic movie dress from the 2012 LA premiere of Katy Perry: Part of Me? While her top was made to look like a film reel, the bottom featured buttered popcorn kernels hanging from it. We guess the singer simply wanted us to sit back and enjoy the show! 

4. When She Took Us For A Ride

When Katy Perry turned host for the MTV European Music Awards in 2008, she left no stone unturned in making an impact with her quirky costumes. Out of the ten outfits she donned that night, our favourite was the merry-go-round corset dress by designer Manish Arora.

5. When She Channelled A Disney Villain 

From dress up as Snow White to Minnie mouse in the past, Katy evidently loves Disney-themed events and makes sure she dresses her part. For the Disney night on American Idol in 2019, the pop star turned Ursula, the villain from The Little Mermaid, even though her fellow judges didn’t give her company. 

6. When The Piano Was Her Inspiration

Sticking to the Jazz theme during the New Orleans JazzFest in 2019, Katy graced the stage in a latex keyboard ball gown. Her outfit also featured a neon pink treble clef hat and a pair of sunglasses decorated with musical notes. But the surprise element on stage was when she removed the bottom part of the dress to reveal a matching keyboard catsuit!

7. For Us, She Was The Winner Of Halloween 2014

If you’re running out of ideas this Halloween, take a from the pop singer’s 2014 Halloween costume–a sad Cheeto. Isn’t it such a mood? 

Photographs: Getty Images, Instagram, Pinterest

- Lifestyle Editor


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