7th generation perfumer, Erwin Creed on making the right fragrances to make you swoon


As we usher in the cooler months, we were treated to a sensory treat at the Creed Boutique in New Delhi. Here, we met with Erwin Creed who explained to us why fragrance making was an intimate art. Choosing a fragrance for yourself is one of the most intimate experiences you would have. It is about your skin accepting and reciprocating to the scent and then the brain has to accept this scent as a signature… we thought just walking into a store and picking up the prettiest bottle was the key. Here’s a lowdown on everything else he had to say about the business end of fragrance making. 

ELLE: What can we look forward to with Creed’s new presence in India?

EC: You will see the evolution of the perfume as a niche in India. Creed is part of this evolution with the new flagship store. We want people to take fragrances seriously and to find their individual scents. 

ELLE: Tell us a little bit about your family heritage, which is undoubtedly a huge part of Creed’s brand identity.

EC: We have kept the name since 1760, as we moved along from London to Paris. Our primary vocation was actually tailoring. Creating bespoke suits and dresses was a passion. 

Since my father started to work for the family business, he got more involved with the making of perfumes than the fashion. It got complicated to maintain the bespoke tailoring business as the tailors would start their own stream and then ready to wear outfits were less expensive. So the customers moved towards that. Eventually moving us into the fragrance space entirely.

ELLE: What are some of the things to look out for when trying a new scent?

EC: Always start to smell with blotters and if we like the perfume, try it out against your skin on just one hand and another perfume on the other hand. It is imperative to check the evolution of the perfume on the skin. If you like the scent after a few moments of it being on your skin, that’s the one. 

Follow these steps even if you’re looking for your own signature scent. Another factor to bear in mind is if your partner likes the aroma on you. 

ELLE: What would you say is the most important quality in a fragrance?

EC: The ingredients are the most important element in a quality fragrance. After that, it would also be the combination of various notes for a well-finished, well-rounded fragrance.

ELLE: What would your advice for young entrepreneurs be?

EC: While I don’t think there might be as many young entrepreneurs in the fragrance space, if you are starting out and planning on doing your own thing, it is absolutely important to believe in the business/industry you’ve picked. Be a part of each procedure of making perfume (or whatever else you’re planning to do). Finally, it is important to find good marketing in adequation with your style.

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