Hailing From Uttarakhand To Meghalaya, These 8 Homegrown Gin Labels Celebrate India’s Regional Ingredients


While tequila, mezcal and pisco cocktails are all the rage right now, gin is still here to stay. The fact that multiple Indian entrepreneurs are launching homegrown labels is proof of it. Plus you can’t beat the versatility that gin has. One can conjure up a cocktail using multiple ingredients from handpicked botanicals to Indian spices and fresh fruits. On World Gin Day today, we’re throwing the spotlight on the recently launched homegrown labels that are stirring up a gin-credible storm in the industry. Besides Goa, other Indian states have entered the chat. From Uttarakhand to Meghalaya, here are all the new entrants in the gin market.

1. Cherrapunji Eastern Craft Gin

From the rainiest town in India comes a new gin that bottles these rain showers. Say hello to Cherrapunji Eastern Craft Gin, which comes from Meghalaya. Its constituents? Juniper from the eastern Himalayas, GI-tagged Khasi mandarin and Khasi pepper, smoked tea from Lushai hills and Kaji (aromatic lime) from Assam Valley. On my visit to Meghalaya in December 2023, I was lucky enough to get my hands on this bottle and try this gin myself. Refreshing citrus-forward notes combined with spicy and smoky notes dominate the flavour profile.

What I personally like is the packaging. The gin comes in a military-grade stainless steel bottle with artwork that captures the colourful life of Cherrapunjee. While this gin from North-East India is a recent launch, it hasn’t gone unnoticed. The gin won the top honour at the recently held Global Spirits Masters competition, outshining 110 brands from 55 countries to claim the top spot.

How to drink: The sipping gin is enjoyed as is or on the rocks garnished with lemon zest. But if you want to get experimental, try using this gin to make cocktails like Gin Basil Smash, Rickey or Clover Club.

Availability: Currently available in Meghalaya

Price: ₹2500

2. Punk Gin


From the team behind Hapusa and Greater Than comes a new pink gin with no additives but flavours of handpicked strawberries from Mahabaleshwar. Infused with classic London Dry Gin and a delicate hint of dried hibiscus flowers, Punk Gin has a lustrous champagne-pink hue and a dynamic flavour profile that blends notes of strawberries with subtle notes of lemon peel, black pepper and juniper.

How to drink: Punk Gin is best enjoyed with tonic water, a slice of fresh strawberry, and a basil leaf or sprig of rosemary.

Availability: Goa and Karnataka; shall shortly be available in Haryana

Price: ₹1450 (Goa) and ₹2790 (Karnataka)

3. Chambal

Till today, the Chambal region is associated with the stories of dacoits that spark terror. However, Pervez Bapuna, COO, Bapuna Alcobrew, wants people to see the region for its rich offerings. And he does this through his gin, Chambal. The spirit reveals an exquisite blend of handpicked botanicals from the region that have a unique flavour profile. Sip on this gin and you’ll taste notes of wild cinnamon bark, delicate layers of black and green cardamom, citrus, and a subtle nuttiness from almonds.

The design of the bottle is noteworthy. The gin’s amber-coloured glass bottle mirrors the rustic Chambal landscape, adorned with a torn label displaying motifs of crossed rifles (a homage to the region’s historic dacoits), and the region’s nature with motifs of gharials (a native crocodile species) and waves, intertwined with traditional design elements like local Mandana art.

How to drink: Enjoy it on the rocks.

Availability: Currently available in Delhi and Mumbai

Price: ₹1950 (Delhi) and ₹3300 (Mumbai) for 750 ml

4. Jin Jiji


Love Masala Chai? Well, now you can have it in the form of gin. Jin Jiji is crafted with Indian botanicals such as single-origin Darjeeling tea, Tulsi and Goan cashews, making it the perfect drink to sip this monsoon. Although this gin has been available internationally since 2019, it only entered the Indian continent at the beginning of this year and is distilled at Kumaon’s Himmaleh Spirits. It is available in two variants: Jin Jiji – India Dry Gin (well-balanced aroma with soft tones of juniper and sweet spices, delicate nuances of chamomile and mint combined with citrus rind on the nose) and Jin Jiji – Darjeeling (fragrant aromatics of juniper and mint with soft tones of freshly picked tea; a layered, complex, and delightful gin laced with warm notes of herbs, orris, ginger and citrus).

How to drink: It can be savoured as a classic G&T or used in a cocktail of your choice.

Availability: Uttarakhand, Goa, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Haryana

Price: ₹980-2245 (Jin Jiji – India Dry Gin) and ₹1540-2791 (Jin Jiji – Darjeeling)

5. Mohulo


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As the name suggests, mahua flowers sourced from Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh form the core of Mohulo gin along with 12 other botanicals – juniper, coriander, angelica plant, green cardamom, liquorice, pink peppercorn, bay leaf, orange blossom, orange peel, honey and basmati rice, distilled and made in a zero carbon footprint distillery in Punjab. The result is a smooth, well-balanced gin that marries delicate florals, citrus, and juniper seamlessly. Mahua’s subtle sweetness intertwines with classic gin botanicals, leading to a lingering finish with a hint of spice and a subtle, floral aftertaste. But it goes beyond merely being a sipping gin. Mohulo pays tribute to the Baiga Tribe, who predominantly sustain their livelihood by gathering mahua and engaging in its trade.

How to drink: Take it slow and sip on this gin as is.

Availability: The limited-edition Mohulo Gin is currently available in Delhi and will soon be available in Mumbai and New York

Price: ₹5000

6. Kumaon & I


An ode to the distinct terroir and rich flavours of Uttarakhand’s Kumaon region, Kumaon & I is an all-natural Himalayan dry gin crafted from fresh Himalayan spring water. Embodying 11 botanicals, this gin is crafted from a unique Himalayan Juniper, Timur (a berry-like Szechuan pepper that infuses a delightful fusion of fruitiness and spice) and Black Turmeric, cultivated at an altitude of over 10,000 feet. It is complemented by coriander seeds and two distinct citrus fruits – Galgal, a local citrus variety, and Kinu, which introduce nuanced sweet undertones. The result? A refreshing interplay of cooling spicy peppercorns, citrus, and herbal rainforest notes, boasting a rich textural palate and a medium-dry, lingering finish.

How To Drink: Best savoured in a classic G&T or a meticulously crafted Negroni

Price & Availability: ₹2710 (Uttarakhand), ₹2896 (Goa), ₹3000 (Gurgaon), ₹3535 (Maharashtra), ₹4360 (Karnataka), ₹3015 (Rajasthan)

7. Nisaki


You don’t necessarily have to go to a bar to enjoy those fancy colour-changing drinks. The latest gin, Nisaki, brings the theatrics to you at home. Launched by three friends Sanchit Agarwal, Nidhi Kedia & Akhilesh Rajan, Nisaki is a rice-based spirit that’s distilled in a copper pot in small batches and undergoes a three-step process. The bottle features sixteen organic ingredients, both native and exotic, from zesty citrus notes to exotic Macedonian juniper berries. But it’s the addition of the butterfly pea flower post-distillation that imparts Nisaki its vibrant indigo colour and colour-changing properties. Nisaki changes colour based on the pH balance. You’ll find that the gin changes to blush, pink, violet-lilac and electric blue when mixed with citric/tonic water, soda and water respectively. 

How To Drink: You can choose a mixer of your choice – soda, tonic water or citric acid – to get the colour and drink of your choice.

Availability: Goa

Price: ₹1849 for 750ml

8. AER Gin


There’s another reason to visit Mumbai’s AER besides its stunning views of the sea and city skyline. The rooftop bar has now launched its own gin manufactured by Stranger & Sons. Dubbed the ‘Spirit of the City by the Sea,’ AER Gin features a unique blend of local coastal botanicals, including Indian tamarind, kokum and mangosteen, distilled to capture the essence of Mumbai’s coastal allure. Crafted exclusively for AER, this gin offers a fresh and saline flavour profile that embodies the flavours of Mumbai.

Availability: AER Gin is available exclusively at AER – Four Seasons Hotel Mumbai, inviting both locals and visitors to explore its unique taste and celebrate the spirit of Mumbai daily, from 5:00 pm to 1:30 am.

Price: Cocktails are priced from ₹750 onwards.

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