8 Homegrown Gender-Neutral Fashion Labels That Should Be On Your Shopping Radar


Extend your gratitude towards Gen-Z who are now embracing fashion for comfort over the social construct of what belongs where. As more androgynous silhouettes infiltrate our lives and Instagram, the line between menswear and womenswear is now blurred more than ever. And with pop culture sensations like Harry Styles in a sheer gown and Billy Eilish in XXL tees, the notion of genderless fashion has received a positive leverage. While the queer community has been advocating gender-fluid sensibilities for over decades, it is only recently that the fashion industry has steered itself in the right direction.

If you’re scouring the web for pieces that are androgynous at heart, then it’s time to stop your search. Here’s a roundup of 8 gender-neutral homegrown fashion brands, which deserve a spot in your closet.

1. Bobo Calcutta


Started by Ayushman Mitra and Jeet Shahi, Bobo Calcutta treats clothes as pieces of art featuring a psychedelic palette along with an explosion of colours. An androgynous lip-locked split-face makes a frequent appearance as a signature motif in the designs. Through its quirky collections, the eclectic label champions self-acceptance and liberation of love. If you’re inclined towards bold, colourful silhouettes, trust Bobo Calcutta to help you find the perfect fit.

2. Almost Gods


Launched in 2018, Almost Gods is a New-Delhi based streetwear brand, which emphasises on an inextricable link between streetwear and art. Amalgamating its Indian roots with an urban aesthetic into every garment, the brand pushes itself to being an innovator in global streetwear market. What to expect? The perfect blend of old and new with modern designs, refined cuts and functionality.

3. Six5Six Street


XXL bomber jackets, cargo pants, oversized tees, cowl necks and more come together to blur the line between masculine and feminine at Six5Six Street. The indigenous fashion label features silhouettes, which represent street style at its best while earthy hues set the tone for the brand.

4. Two Point Two Studio


With its tagline as ‘agender is the new gender,’ Two Point Two is Anvita Sharma’s brainchild that aims to create a third identity, which stands for neither of the binaries and yet for both. The pieces feature raw thread-work and embroidery that is done with fabric waste from the production process hence serving the purpose of sustainability.

5. Generation Mixx

This fashion label is breaking gender stereotypes one T-shirt at a time and there’s a statement to cop for everyone. Enroute to a more gender-neutral future, Generation Mixx offers androgynous pieces with cuts to suit every body type. From muscle tees to boxy fits, there’s a T-shirt for everyone with impactful text.

6. Biskit

A unisex concept label, Biskit explores the intersection between design and art. The brand, which was launched in Brooklyn, New York in 2017, now operates out of Chennai, India. Along with a gender-neutral offering that breaks the duality, Biskit also pioneers sustainability by limiting its production levels. By featuring a man and woman wearing the same clothes, the brand aims to defy notions of fashion.

7. Moral Science

Based out of Assagao in Goa, Moral Science by Isha Ahluwalia is a slow fashion brand, which explores fashion as a medium of story-telling. Using minimalistic, functional and refreshing designs, Moral Science creates workwear-inspired silhouettes that are gender-neutral. From handcrafted accessories to playful clothes, it encompasses it all.

8. Huemn

Love graphic shirts and tees? Here’s your cue. Co-founded by Pranav Misra and Shyma Shetty in 2012, Huemn (pronounced as human), mirrors a vibe that is dynamic and refreshing. The gender-neutral label designs prints and imagery, which  can instigate and stir conversation and thoughts. From oversized image-heavy tees to hoodies, consider this as your address to find elevated comfort-wear.

Photographs: Instagram

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