Coachella 2025: Top 8 K-pop Rookies That Would Rock The Music Festival

Renowned for its eclectic lineup, vibrant atmosphere, and cutting-edge art installations, Coachella is one of the most anticipated musical extravaganzas globally. With BLACKPINK headlining Coachella in 2023, it is obvious that K-Pop is thriving and casting a global spotlight on itself.

Cut to Coachella 2024, the music festival successfully unearthed some hidden musical treasures akin to finding diamonds in the rough. Incredible lyricism, boundless creativity, and undeniable charisma are what define these fresh talents in the K-Pop music scene.

Keep reading to know the top 8 K-Pop artists who are all set to perform at Coachella in 2025.


Debuted 04.01.24, Debut song – BATTER UP


Following BLACKPINK’s success, BABYMONSTER, a diverse group comprising members from Korea, Japan and Thailand under YG Entertainment made their debut with the song BATTER UP. Their debut song is a dynamic hip-hop track with an infectious chorus that reflects their confident demeanour.

ASA, one of the members is widely known for their rapping skills, highlighting the group’s versatility. BABYMONSTER is selected as a group to perform at Coachella in 2025.


Debuted 09.04.23, Debut song – Get A Guitar


Four days after debuting on Instagram, RIIZE already amassed 1 million followers. The boy band debuted under SM Entertainment in 2023, introducing their brand of “emotional pop” music to the world.

The band has positioned itself as a formidable contender in the realm of live performances with its vibrant dance moves and unwavering vocal prowess. Right from their debut stage, they showcased flawless skills with their debut song Get A Guitar.

Their debut album features a retro synthesizer and a funky guitar rhythm, with unique choreography. Given this excellent skill set, we’re looking forward to their Coachella performance in 2025.


Debuted 01.22.24, Debut song – Plot Twist

Debuted in January 2024, TWS is a multinational boy band consisting of six members. The band, managed by PLEDIS Entertainment, made their debut offering a unique concept attracting a huge fanbase.

Their debut track Plot Twist captures the exhilaration, thrill and tingling sensations of the first encounter with a love interest. Praised for their intense choreography and solid vocal skills, they showcase a professional side not typical of rookies. They are expected to bring refreshing vibes to the Coachella 2025 stage.


Debuted 10.11.23, Debut song – FIRST CLASS 

Labelled as ‘performance idol,’ this boy band debuted under Great M Entertainment in October last year. The members showcased their skills like composition, singing, and dance to the public through the RAREHOUSE project before their debut.

The band’s debut song, FIRST CLASS surpassed 4 million views after its release, making the band garner global attention. Expecting to enjoy the stage presence of 82MAJOR, their fans are looking forward to Coachella 2025.


Debuted 04.20.2023, Debut song – In Bloom

In early 2023, ZEROBASEONE, a multinational band won over audiences with their talents showcased in Boy’s Planet. Their debut track In Bloom embodies vintage sensibilities and trendiness within the Drum & Bass genre.

The band comprises nine members and specialises in vocals and stage presence. These qualities are the reason behind their fanbase’s impatient anticipation of the band’s performance at Coachella in 2025.


Debuted 05.30.2023, Debut song – But I Like You 

This band is the the first idol group under KOZ Entertainment established by the famous Korean rapper and producer ZICO. This band makes music for GenZ and pursues easy-listening lyrics.

The band’s debut song depicted the dilemma of falling in love for the first time and over-analysing each and every action. BOYNEXTDOOR is also known for its polished attribute that is rarely found in a rookie and we can’t wait to see their performance at Coachella 2025.


Debuted July 5, 2023, Debut song – Shhh

Calling this girl band the next ‘Spice Girls’ won’t be untrue! KISS OF LIFE proved themselves at the 2023 Melon Music Awards with their self-expression and confidence. The group is widely recognised for their outstanding vocal skills, as all members had solo songs before they debuted.

One of the group members, BELLE, was known and appreciated since the age of 17 for her composition skills. The band is expected to captivate the audience at the Coachella festival next year.


Debuted 09.15.23, Debut song – Sensitive 

Loossemble is a girl band that consists of five members showcasing a well-balanced group with each member’s vocal and dance skills being evenly distributed.

The band’s American tour was a big contributor to expanding their fanbase, as they portrayed splendid stage skills and performance manner. Without a doubt, anticipation rises for the band to present an impactful performance at Coachella 2025.

- Digital Intern


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