8 Meditation Apps To Help You Cope In These Tough Times


In this apocalyptic situation, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. Balancing working from home and family life can be a chore itself, add grim news on social media and your mental health is likely to go downhill. Taking a break or meditation or getting a good night’s sleep can become a luxury for many of us. To help you combat these blues, meditation apps can act as a supplement to alleviate your stress in these trying times. Here’s a roundup of apps available on the Play Store and Apple Store in India. 



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Aiding guided meditation for sleep, the app equips you to create a healthier sleep cycle. Specialising in mindfulness and de-stressing, it has 70 million downloads across all platforms.
Cost: Free, in-app purchases starting at Rs 899 approx.



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Calm should be your go-to for sublime music that will put you to sleep. The app is popular for its relaxing music, breathing routines, affirmations and debunking myths around sleep and stress. 

Cost: Free, paid premium option 



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Equipping you with effective tools and programs like games the app lets you take control of your feelings. Rooted in science and CBT – cognitive behavioural therapy the app will allow you to quantify your emotional well being and keep track of it. 

Cost: Free, in-app paid features 



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It’s okay to not be okay. Helping you analyse and process whatever you’re feeling Breethe can help you foster a better lifestyle with hypnotherapy, stories and more. The app has more than 10 million downloads worldwide. 

Cost: Free, full access monthly/yearly membership 


Rootd allows you to work on breathing, journaling your thoughts and visualising. With its unique experiential approach, the app will help you heal your anxiety through short and long-term exercises. 

Cost: Free, in-app paid features 

Happy Not Perfect 

Finally someone said it! Promoting a calmer happier mind is key while trying to navigate these tough times. With this app, you can work on burnout and gratitude with tasks and activities. 

Cost: Rs 740 monthly subscription

Insight Timer 


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Hyper-local content-driven, this app has over 70,000 meditations led by Indian and global teachers. The curation of playlists, courses and guides will help you meditate and relax. 

Cost: Free, in-app premium feature  

Simple Habit 

For beginners, meditation can be challenging. But it’s always a good idea to start slow. This app offers five-minute meditation sessions that can easily fit into your daily routine and ease you into the habit. Wellness, sleep therapy and pandemic related anxiety lifting sessions are coached by experts to keep you calm. 

Cost: Free, in-app purchases 

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