8 Pictures Of Karisma Kapoor Being Relatable!

karisma lolo

Karisma Kapoor’s Instagram handle is testimony to the fact that when it comes to being your true self on social media, she beats everyone else hollow. She’s on the gram with glasses and sans makeup and each time she puts up a picture, the heart icon gets way too many hits. Have a look at some of her unfiltered pictures.

1. Self Care Club By Karisma

Don’t know about you but I would be honoured to join her self care club. This is such a relatable picture, I mean who doesn’t like wearing sweatshirts? I basically live in them on the weekends. Karisma proves to us that sweatshirts are not replaceable; they are a mood!

2. Bubble Your Troubles Away


Karisma reminds us that sometimes it’s okay to be a child sometimes. She shows us how we can always relive our childhood days by making bubbles and see them burst. Let’s burst our problems away, the Karisma Kapoor way.

3. Bare Morning Face


Karisma Kapoor giving us a bare face sunkissed picture, making it clear that it’s perfectly okay to wear no makeup. Lolo took the no-makeup face to the next level and that’s the energy we want to bring in with us this year. Karishma’s perfect sunkissed picture is my inspiration for self love mantra.

4. Caught In The Act!


Looks like a regular day with the siblings. Karisma Kapoor has time and again given us hints that she is a foodie by heart and this picture is the proof. Giving us major desert cravings, Karisma with her crime partner Kareena is seen enjoying fresh strawberries and cream. I am already on my way to order my favourite desert!!

5. Pyjama Party

Lolo waltzed in the new year in a new way and we love it. Karisma makes it clear that she is in full support of the ones who like to stay in and it makes people like us look cool. Emitting total introvert energy, I Karisma Kapoor chose to bring in the new year cozied up. Karisma is seen twinning with Kareena who was also seen in pyjamas for her celebrations.

6. Grumpy is the mood

Can totally relate to Karisma’s mood here, don’t we all feel blue when our vacation comes to an end? Vacations have become rare for some of us, but we know how Karisma Kapoor feels here, it’s the same when we get a work call on weekends.

7. Moods Of The Week

Lolo’s midweek moods give us  glimpse of her fun personality. By now, we know that Karisma Kapoor is a person we can all relate to. Here she gives us inspiration that we can make content out of anything and we can show off our midweek moods in style.

8. Daily Chores Can be Fun

Reminding us of our lockdown activities, Karisma Kapoor posted this video where she is seen washing her veggies and soaking them in the sun, just like most of us did. She also reveals that she loves spending her saturday washing her veggies. I think some of you will relate to this last one as adulting changes our priorities right?

Nonetheless Karisma Kapoor’s social media posts are a daily reminder to be happy, smile and be natural.

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