8 Popular TV Show Characters That You Can Dress Up As For Halloween


With Halloween just around the corner, it’s time to cue in our yearly spooky season shopping drill- wait till the very last moment; buy the good old witch, skeleton, cat costume; wear it for one Halloween party and forget about it in the abyss of our wardrobe until next year rolls around. *Shakes head in disappointment*. 2021 is all about change, so go ahead and leave these last moment shopping habits in the past. When it comes to picking out a costume, why not make it iconic and sustainable. What better way to do so than by putting together an outfit that will turn heads on Halloween and can also be incorporated into your everyday wardrobe. Shift your gaze to the stars of your favourite TV shows for some inspiration:

1. Ruby Matthews from Sex Education

Ruby doesn’t shy away from attention, so be prepared to go all out with the colours and prints. A mix of sexy, girly and Avant basic– she is often seen wearing loud florals, contrasting patterns, stylish accessories and her beloved yellow jacket. Get yourself some big earrings, snazzy sunglasses, polished crop tops and denim options to channel your inner Ruby.

2. David Rose from Schitt’s Creek 

Pair some cosy but glam sweaters in a muted colour palette of blacks, whites and greys with drop-crotch pants or a kilt, cool sneakers, layered metallic rings- and you’ve got yourself a David Rose.

3. Moira Rose from Schitt’s Creek

To embody Moira Rose you must throw in some leather, feathers and fur (all faux please); stick to a B&W colour palette; add a pop of colour with a bold red lip and don’t hesitate to go OTT with chunky jewellery and a fabulous wig.

4. Daphne from Bridgerton

Daphne is seen wearing a range of beautiful empire line dresses in pastel colours (powder blue being her favourite), delicate jewellery and elbow-length gloves. Really want to commit to the look? Book a salon appointment and get yourself some baby bangs.

5. Joe Goldberg from You 

Keep it casual with Joe Goldberg. Layer a white t-shirt with a relaxed shirt and a denim jacket. Pair it with some chinos, lace-up boots, a backpack and of course, his signature cap.

6. Emily from Emily in Paris 

Upper-east side’s version of the Parisian style- that’s your brief. A riot of colour, loud clashing prints, berets and matchy-matchy everything. Keep it kitschy but cute. Don’t forget to take some insta-worthy snaps with a pain au chocolat and photoshop the Eiffel tower in the background for an authentic experience.

7. Beth Harmon from The Queen’s Gambit

Inspired by Audrey Hepburn and Edie Sedgwick, Beth’s ‘60s style wardrobe features A-line silhouettes, elegant dresses, high waisted skirts, peter pan collars- all enveloped in a muted colour palette. Opt for vintage cat-eye sunglasses, loafers and a headscarf to complete the look.

8. Rue from Euphoria 

Rue’s tomboy style is laidback, comfortable and can be easily recreated with pieces that you probably already own. Think oversized hoodies, short-sleeved shirts layered over crop tops, long shorts, lots of converse and the iconic glitter tears.

 Images via: Pinterest

- Digital Writer


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