9 Fuss-Free Heatless Hairstyles For The Festive Season


Stunning festive ensembles are always in need of an equally glam hairdo. But, this festive season, we are asking you to embrace your mane’s natural texture and go heatless. And no, just because you are skipping the heat, does not mean your hairstyle will fall apart by lunch. Check out these fuss-free and damage-free heatless hairstyles to take care of your tresses this festive season.

1. String-tied Sleek Bun

Working with day 3 greasy hair can be tricky but a bun will save the effortlessly. But instead of a regular low bun, jazz it up by weaving some gold ribbon through it. Finish the hairdo with hairspray to lay down the flyaways and maintain the sleek look all day.  

2. Bubble Ponytail

Update your everyday ponytail with lots of body and a bit of quirk. To recreate this hairdo, start by brushing out your hair with a smoothening serum to add some shine. Then, do a regular ponytail at the base, and create sections in the rest with shimmery hair ties. Create the bubble look by slowly pulling the sections apart.

3. Pull Through Plaits


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Breezy and cheerful pull-through braids look so adorable with draped sarees. Start by spraying sea salt spray in your natural waves, shake it up properly. Braid or twist the front sections of your hair from both sides. Secure the sections with glitzy baby clips or any accessory of your choice; add them in between the braids to brighten them up.

ELLE tip – You can use vaseline or clear mascara to lay down all the flyaways around your face. 

4. Crown Braids

Scrunch some texturising cream into your tresses to create messy volume. Then, section the middle part of your hair neatly and start French braiding it. Secure these baby braids in a tiny knot and leave the rest of your hair down. 

5. Single Space Bun

Space buns are trendy but don’t really scream ‘festive’. Stick to a single, high updo bun to recreate this fun yet chic hairstyle. Soften your tresses with hair mousse and brush them high into a bun on your crown. Spritz hairspray on a toothbrush and merge your baby hair into your hairline.

6. Textured Braid

For all you curly hair girls out there, this fishtail braid is the perfect ethnic hairstyle to go with all your colourful kurtas and skirts. Remove some strands of hair in the front to frame your face and loosely start plaiting the back. Fasten it with a glitzy hair tie; remember to make it as messy as possible. 

ELLE tip – You can take a small strand of hair at the end and tie it around the band to make it look chicer.

7. The Classic Pony Tail

You don’t need to worry about a fabulous hairstyle with naturally wavy hair.  Do a half middle partition and tie all of your hair in a low ponytail. Let some loose tendrils fall on your face for an effortless and youthful look.

8. Floral Fishtail Braid

If you’re feeling fancier than usual and have more time on your hands, a floral fishtail braid will be a good pick.  Pick a couple of tendrils from the top to turn into baby braids and tuck them into the main fishtail braid. Use flowers like Ratraani and baby’s breath to use as adornments; get them fresh!

9. Wet Hair Look


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From runways to red carpets, the wet hair trend has been everywhere. The best part about it is that you don’t really need anything but a firming hair gel. Just work in the gel in your hands and style it the way your like; bold and swept-back is the way to go for this season. 

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