9 Halloween Makeup Ideas That Ain’t Spooky But Pretty

Halloween Make-Up

You are entitled to a good scare on Halloween…but maybe not a botched spooky makeup scare! While themed costumes can be fun, scary makeup ain’t everybody’s scene. Halloween makeup doesn’t always have to be about gory paints; you can pair artistic and pretty makeup looks with your costumes as well.

So, if you have a party to attend and can’t figure out what makeup you’re going to do, then this is your cue to ditch gory, spooky paints and instead opt for something cute. Keep scrolling for some inspiration.

1. Candy Corn


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Colourful freckles and candy corn make for a classic Halloween makeup combination. For the freckles, use coloured kohl liners. Orange, yellow and white (traditional colours of the candy corn) eyeshadows can be applied with a slight gradient. Line your waterline with a white kajal and complete the look with a plain lip gloss. 

ELLE tip: Use fake lashes to open your eyes a bit more and make the colour of your eyelids pop.

2. Butterfly Eyes


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If you want to give spider webs a break this year, go for Bella’s butterfly eyes. Brush up your brows and use a black liquid liner for curvy wings. You can choose any colour to fill the shapes. Finish with lots of blush and mascara and keep your skin very dewy with highlighted cheekbones.

3. Pumpkin Spice

Pumpkins scream Halloween and the look is super easy to create with a couple of orange products from your makeup vanity. Use an orange lip shade and top it up with some shiny lip gloss and black liquid eyeliner. For the rest of the face, keep it very minimal. 

ELLE tip: You can also add a touch of golden highlighter on the eyelids to make it look brighter.

4. Animal Prints


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If animal costumes are your thing, you will need an equally edgy makeup look to go with it. From spots to stripes, you can draw a lot of patterns on your eyelids. You can complete the look with a cat liner, a touch of gloss and a killer manicure, of course!

5. Pick A Celeb


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Gigi Hadid had one of the most original and beautiful red carpet beauty moments this year. If you are indeed planning to go with a celeb costume, we’d recommend recreating their viral makeup look rather than character. Plus, any chance you get to wear a powder blue eyeshadow shouldn’t be missed.

6. Cherry Lips

Glossy, red lips go down well with Halloween because they look like blood. But if you’ve got to make it cuter, go for a gradient lip. Prep your eyelids by making them super dewy and drawing a very dramatic red wing. Finish with a faux cherry tattoo on the balls of your cheeks.

7. TikTok Throwback

The forecast is cloudy! Clouds don’t always have to be gloomy; they can look cheerful and bright as well. Use a bright blue eyeshadow and take a white eyeshadow and kajal to draw the clouds. Add some freckles and keep the base very simple so that the eyes do all the talking.

8. Bubbles

Nostalgic people make for the coolest trick-or-treaters! A throwback costume that harkens back to your childhood can be paired with pretty halloween makeup and coloured contacts. Don’t forget to give your best, big-eyed glare for the pictures.

9. Go Glam


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Cannot leave your glam self home even if the costume party theme demands it? Go glam with a jewel liner, bright glitter lips and a highlighter bath. Everything about this look screams ‘over the top’, and OTT, you should be in 2021!

ELLE tip: Keep your hair very sleek and let your face grab all the attention!

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