9 Most Versatile Celebrity Trend Highlights Of The Year


Want to make a stand-out fashion statement in the trendiest of clothes? You’re just in time. It turns out that a slew of celebrities this year have unlocked their doors to an age of daring yet versatile fashion looks to motivate you into refreshing your wardrobe once and for all.

Starting it off by taking some major styling lessons from our favourite sartorial queen – Hailey Bieber, sporting boxy-chic boyfriend blazers and watching Bella Hadid bring retro-inspired sweater-vests roaring back to gushing over Kim Kardashian’s head-to-toe millennial pink ensemble – we practically have all the major celebrity style inspiration to keep us trendy all year round. What are you waiting for? Try them all and see for yourself.

1. Mind The Midriff

Zendaya’s stand-out fashion statement of the year was all about some sexy midriff flossing and we’re definitely considering a serious wardrobe revamp. Raising the bar at the Oscars 2021 red carpet, she easily convinced us that sometimes less is definitely more. We’re still catching our breath at this iconic style moment. How are you keeping up?

2. Mood-Boosting Monochromes


Taking the monochromatic fashion trend to a whole new level, Kylie Jenner proves that no one can pull off a head-to-toe classic in ethereal white quite like her. For those seeking a more effortless approach to fashion, this versatile trend can make you look as minimal or as elaborate as you want, simply with a switch of colour.

3. Y2K’s Butterfly Nostalgia


Now that’s a Y2k fashion icon right there! Dua Lipa’s 90’s butterfly aesthetic has recently resurfaced on our Instagram feed, and we’re making it our year-round wardrobe staple. The pop sensation is practically bringing in fashion laced with nostalgia, donning a double denim butterfly halter top with utmost sass. She clearly loves it, and we do too!

4. Boxy Boyfriend Blazers


Hailey Bieber’s sartorial fashion aesthetic is all about that big-blazer energy and we’re definitely on board. Showing us the right way to flaunt a modish-chic look effortlessly, the star has easily persuaded us to replace all our business casuals with trendy boxy blazers that are taking the center stage lately.

5. All-Clad In Millennial Pink


Kim Kardashian’s snazzy millennial pink ensemble has paved the way for yet another striking new trend and we can’t stop obsessing over it anytime soon. If you are one out of the millions seeking a guaranteed glam moment of your own, this shade is the one to the sport.

6. Wide Leg On-The-Go


Say goodbye to plain, lazy sweatpants – wide tailored trousers are 2021’s favourite fit. Want to invest in a relaxed baggy silhouette to sport all year round? Kendall Jenner’s latest flared pant look is your when-in-doubt go to. Pro Tip: If you’re looking for a way to create the illusion of height, this dressing trend will make you look taller instantly.

7. Stand-Out Shoulder


Kaia Berger showing off that bold shoulder in an incredible Alexander McQueen ensemble. That’s an instant fashion statement right there. The renowned model conveys the boss-lady aura perfectly in a stunning butterfly sleeve blouse elevated to higher heights with shoulder pads. Not getting enough of the spotlight? This trend will make them all stop and stare.

8. Corset Crop Rotation


2021 is a year all meant for Olivia Rodrigo and there’s absolutely no doubt about it. Influencing all our major wardrobe choices off-late, the Gen-Z star channelled the feminine French aesthetic in an all-black corset top that was styled to absolute perfection. BRB, we’ve gotta go catch this fashion essential right now!

9. Luxe Logomania Update


Logomania is getting a 2021 makeover, and who better to make it sensational than the one and only J.Lo? Serving up major power moves in an all-Balmain three-piece tailored fit, the pop icon made it clear that the revised monogram trend is definitely here to stay. Looking for a fuss-free way to make an instant fashion statement? The logomania update is bound to turn heads no matter what

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