Colour And Protect: 9 Tinted Sunscreens For Sun Protection & Even Skin


Sunscreens have become the holy grail when it comes to skincare, and rightfully so, thanks to their many benefits of protection from harmful UV rays that cause sunburns, skin ageing and even skin cancer. But within the sunscreen category, a product that’s caught everyone’s attention recently is tinted sunscreen.

What are tinted sunscreens? These are sunscreens that come infused with flesh-coloured tints or pigments that match skin tones. With this added colour base, tinted sunscreens are able to not just shield the skin from harmful rays of the sun but also help even out our skin tone. What this does is it gives the wearer the opportunity to do away with one step in their beauty and skincare routine, that is, using a BB cream or foundation on top of a regular sunscreen. 

But we asked renowned skin expert Dr Rashmi Shetty, Cosmetic Dermatologist, Ra Skin & Aesthetics – Mumbai & Hyderabad whether tinted sunscreens work as effectively as regular sunscreens, and were surprised to know what she had to say! “Tinted sunscreens, in fact, work more effectively than regular sunscreens due to the presence of titanium dioxide in the formulation of the tint, thus providing an extra layer of protection against both UV and blue light,” says Dr Rashmi. Because of the added benefits tinted sunscreens provide, she says it’s even okay to replace regular sunscreen with tinted ones but ensure a range of SPF 30-50 (which is recommended for Indian skin) is present in the one you choose.


Another advantage of using tinted sunscreens she says is that while most people tend to use a limited amount of sunscreen when applying makeup to avoid that sticky, greasy feeling on their face, however, a tinted sunscreen adds a natural glow and tint to your skin diluting the need for makeup.

The flip side of the coin, and a major con when it comes to this type of sunscreen is the shade of the tint, Dr Rashmi Points out. While some brands launch tinted sunscreens in a single shade, others are offering a range of 3-4 shades to suit different skin tones. “Indian skin is quite versatile and tinted sunscreens are mostly available in shades of light and dark. Therefore, getting the right shade is always a task,” she says. 


For those wondering whether tinted sunscreens can be used under makeup, Dr Rashmi says, “These can most definitely be used with makeup. It would not affect the impact of the sunscreen in any way as it is the first layer that is directly absorbed into the skin.” In fact, she shares that tinted sunscreens can work well for many, especially for men who suffer from acne scars and pigmentation, as they are wary of using makeup. “Same goes for teenagers as the tint aids in covering such skin concerns exuding a natural glow and also protects & improves the skin.”

Keen to try a tinted sunscreen? Take your pick from these…

Bioderma Photoderm Creme Claire SPF50+

This well-known French pharma skincare brand has recently launched the new Photoderm Creme Claire SPF 50+  in India. Designed specifically for dry & sensitive skin, this sunscreen provides maximum protection against harmful UVA rays and UVB rays, while also keeping the skin nourished and glowy with its tint. It is non-greasy and absorbs quickly into the skin, leaving no white residue or sticky feeling behind.

The Derma Co. 1% Hyaluronic Tinted Sunscreen Gel SPF 60 PA++++

This sunscreen gel with 26% zinc & 10% titanium oxide and a universal tint gives adequate sun protection and smoothens out your skin tone. It glides smoothly on the skin, is fragrance-free and does not leave any white residue or oiliness behind. With 1% hyaluronic acid it also offers benefits of a moisture booster that helps keep skin radiant and moisturised.

Sandiva One & Done Tinted Sunblock SPF 35

A lightweight mousse-like textured sunscreen, it offers protection from UVA & UVB sun damage and is enriched with soothing sandalwood that calms inflammation caused by sun exposure. It has the highest PA rating of PA++++, which provides maximum protection against UVA rays, reducing the appearance of signs of ageing caused by them. This is available in four different shades that blend with most Indian skin tones.

Heliocare 360° Oil-free Color Gel SPF 50+

Heliocare by pharma company Cantabria Labs is a range of sun protection products, and the Heliocare 360° Color Gel Oil-Free combines foundation coverage and protection in one easy-to-use product. This lightweight fluid provides natural-looking coverage with a matte finish and protects against all types of solar radiation. It is suited to all skin types – particularly oily, combination or spot-prone skin and is available in three shades – beige, pearl and bronze.

Avène Very High Protection Anti-ageing Tinted SPF50+ Sun Cream

A tinted, long-lasting, anti-ageing sunscreen, this protects against sun damage, fights early ageing and evens the skin complexion. Concentrated with Thermal Spring water it helps to calm, soften and soothe the skin while an active ingredient, Ascofilline, fights the early signs of ageing from sun damage.

belif UV Protector Multi Sunscreen+ SPF50+ / PA++++


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A silky-textured sunscreen lotion with powerful UV protecting, and skin tone correcting effects, it is formulated with molokhia which is rich in antioxidant polyphenol and shields the skin from UV rays. Water and sweat resistant, it comes in a natural beige to even out skin texture. It helps to delay the initial stage of skin ageing with its antioxidizing, calming and anti-blemish properties. It also works well as a substitute for a makeup primer.

Re’equil Sun CC Cream SPF 50 PA++++


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This newly launched Sun CC Cream offers three benefits in the skincare routine – sun protection, moisturisation, and colour correction. It is a hydrating formula that lends a natural tint and dewy finish to the skin and delivers broad-spectrum protection against sun damage with SPF 50 & PA++++. The cream comes in four tones – joy, charm, vivid, and lush – to suit a variety of skin tones.

La Roche-Posay Anthelios Tinted Sunscreen SPF 50

A lightweight, fast-absorbing, matte-finish and 100% mineral tinted sunscreen, this is made with the brand’s Cell-Ox Shield technology where titanium dioxide delivers broad-spectrum protection, and senna alata, a tropical leaf extract defends skin cells against damaging free radicals caused by the sun that accelerate skin ageing. It also includes La Roche-Posay Thermal Spring Water which is naturally rich in minerals with scientifically demonstrated soothing and antioxidant properties.

The Pink Foundry Mineral Matte Tinted Sunscreen SPF30

Crafted with zinc oxide and titanium dioxide, shea butter and cucumber this matte finish sunscreen shields the skin from broad-spectrum UVA and UVB rays, while hydrating and nourishing skin. It is water-resistant for up to 80 minutes.

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