A Guide To Lip Blushing AKA Lip Tattoo


In a world of existing cosmetic procedures like microblading, microshading and eyeliner tattoos, lip tattoos that add a hint of colour is a trending technique paving the way for a new era of aesthetics. Before you make an appointment, read what the experts have to say about it’s process, healing and care.

What Is Lip Blushing? 

Dr Geetika Mittal Gupta, founder of Isaac Luxe Clinic, explains, “It is a type of tattooed makeup which is semi-permanent and is achieved by depositing pigments and water based inks into your lips using thin needles.” Apart from adding a natural tinge to the lips, it can also cover scars, give definition to the pout, better symmetry and give an illusion of fullness similar to that of a filler. However, it can’t change the shape or feeling of the lips.


When you visit the aesthetician, the lip outline is created, desired hue is customised and then numbing cream is applied for 30 minutes before starting. “During the process, a tattoo gun or disposable needle is used to draw the outline of the lips and then the canvas is filled in with pigment evenly,” says Dr Jaishree Sharad, dermatologist and author of Skin Rules.  The procedure can go on for 1-2 hours and upon completion. Typically, the pigment lasts for a year or so.

Even though the pain is subjective depending on your threshold it is bound to hurt because it’s essentially a tattoo on your mouth (ouch). However, Dr Sharad assures, “It’s nothing scary or unbearable because the numbing cream has your back. You should feel light pinching and scratches only. On a scale from 1-10 I’d say look at somewhere between 3-7.”

After you have found a certified aesthetician or cosmetician to tattoo your pout, it is always a good idea to consult your dermatologist about suitable painkillers.

Cost and Care 

Since, this is a cosmetic process, the cost can range from ₹30,000 to 35,000, based on the doctor and location. And, it goes without saying that you shouldn’t cheap out on this because the lip tint will last on your face for a year at least!

Healing is a crucial part of the deal. “Post lip blushing you can experience bruising, swelling, redness and scabbing for upto seven days,” says Dr Mittal.

“Topical application of petroleum jelly or a highly moisturising lip balm and air drying is the best way to care for your fresh tint. Avoid bandaging, constant licking, exfoliation and smoking for best results,” advises Dr Mittal.

Despite being a relatively safe procedure, experts advise caution. If you feel uncomfortable or chronic pain, or any unusual symptoms, it’s best to stop and re-evaluate. Lastly, from one beauty junkie to another don’t skip your research!

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