Captivating Curtain Calls: A Journey Through Experimental Theatre

I was in eighth standard when I experienced the brilliance and artistry of theatre. It wasn’t merely a story being displayed through acting and dancing, it was something so surreal that it is still embedded into my memory. Keeping the audience glued to their seats and sucked into the story, that is the power of experimental theatre. And similar was the experience last night when I witnessed the emotional and environmental landscape of “Lungs”: a theatre play written by Duncan Macmillan and directed by Quasar Thakore Padamsee.


The story is an engaging blend of humour and drama where a modern Indian couple, played by Dilnaz Irani and Prashant Prakash, navigate through the ordeals of their relationship including the complexities of love and commitment. More than just a play, its a conversation tigger. The plot is placed in an interesting setting where amidst all the relationship challenges, the couple also faces an ethical dilemma, contemplating on having children in a world facing climate change, overpopulation, and political unrest. Set in a contemporary Indian context, the themes explored, resonate with audiences grappled with similar raw and honest complexities.

Catch this work of art at Experimental Theatre, NCPA, between 23rd May – 26th May 2024; Where you will be provoked to spark a deep reflection and   consider the impact of global and local issues on personal choices.

Book your tickets here: Emotional and Environmental Landscape of “Lungs”

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