A Scentsory Collection – What Goes Into Building A Fragrance Wardrobe

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Fashion icon Gianni Versace famously said, “Perfume puts the finishing touch to elegance— a detail that subtly underscores the look, an invisible extra that completes a man and woman’s personality Without it, there’s something missing.” Fragrances also define nostalgia, acting as reminders of a special person, a certain place, or a particular feeling. The inclusion of fragrance in our beauty routines has changed during the last decade. Instead of loyalty to one single perfume, we find ourselves building a distinct collection as an indication of our preferences and mood. Ajmal Group’s CEO, Abdulla Ajmal, explains, “Fragrances are linked to our memories and often act as a piece of invisible jewellery which accentuates our appearance. In turn, it impacts how we feel about ourselves.”

What is a fragrance wardrobe ?

The evolution of perfumes from distinct signature scents to extensive fragrance wardrobes has been gradual. People with an avid interest in perfumes now want to experiment with their choice of scents and not limit it to just one. Just like a wardrobe encompasses a variety of outfits suitable for different occasions, a fragrance wardrobe also encapsulates a range to suit every mood, occasion, and distinctive liking towards a specific smell. Philippine Courtière, the senior perfumer at Symrise, the German fragrance giant, says, “The knowledge around fragrances is expanding exponentially. Social media platforms such as Instagram are fostering fragrance communities where individuals educate each other on various aspects of perfumes.”

Having a better understanding of information surrounding fragrance notes, layering of fragrances and their variants has allowed perfume lovers to build a thoughtful collection. It is then seen as an extension of their personality. From floral to woody and lingering to heady, building a fragrance wardrobe lets us mix and layer similar notes to create a one-of-a-kind scent. “These wardrobes are a way to embrace the plurality of our personality. Wearing different perfumes can often aid in reflecting our various features,” reveals Courtière. “If our wardrobes can be changed to suit different seasons and social settings, so can our perfumes.”

On to building a fragrance wardrobe


Sharing his thoughts on the subject, Ajmal says, “Each fragrance has the power to evoke a particular emotion or transport you to a certain time in your life. Lately, people are using fragrances to express themselves rather than impress others. Instead of opting for a single signature scent, they’re increasingly choosing to slowly build a fragrance wardrobe that matches with their personality.”

When it comes to layering fragrances or fragrance cocktailing, as it’s fondly called, the wearer can create a distinctive scent which can’t be replicated. However, layering doesn’t always start with fragrances. Courtière shares, “Layering does not explicitly mean spraying two scents directly on top of each other. It also begins with self-care rituals such as the application of a scented lotion right after a shower.”

Building a fragrance wardrobe automatically hands you the opportunity to explore with multiple scents in various seasons and settings. Going by the common understanding, warmer seasons call for fragrances which are refreshing and cool, Intense fragrances are preferred for cooler seasons. That being said, there’s no one mandate to adhere to. A scent is more like an emotion, and we use fragrances to emote.

Best of both worlds

The concept of signature scents and fragrance wardrobes are inherently different as concepts and are subjective to an individual’s preferences. Courtière adds, “Some individuals choose to keep their signature scent as an imprint of their personality, and some consider it as a way to mark the memory of people.” Abdulla further explains that our choice of scents is often defined by our experiences, tastes and style. These experiences and choices change over time, and therefore, a fragrance wardrobe allows you to embrace the change by creating something unique which cannot be replicated by anyone else.

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