This Homegrown Makeup Brand Is A Step Ahead in Hybrid Beauty

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With a change in the way we consume beauty today, beauty brands are dedicated to put innovation at the forefront of their ethos. By presenting smarter, inclusive, and innovative solutions, the Indian beauty industry is already on the track to up its game. Enter, Type Beauty – a homegrown brand that’s positioning itself as an inclusive and hybrid brand with its innovative beauty products. These products are sought to not only enhance the look but also heal the skin from within. A unique and one-of-a-kind concept that is sure to redefine one’s makeup experience.

Type Beauty Inc makes a striking representation to find a space in the growing trend around embracing change like never before. It is a brand that has formulas infused with the goodness of care, backed by research and dermatologically tested. The chemistry of ingredients is here to smarten your beauty routine and pay attention to specific skin concerns. 

A TYPE for Every Skin Type 

Today’s consumer is informed and makes conscious choices about using environment-friendly, safe or cruelty-friendly products, as much as they can. With people being stuck in their busy routines, it leaves them with little or no time to dedicate to intensive skin care regularly. However, with Type Inc. beauty, you don’t have to compromise when you have products that go beyond your skin surface and heal it to perfection. Oily or acne-prone skin, dark spots and dullness, wrinkles and sensitive skin with redness are the four major skin concerns that most women face, and Type Beauty has formulated products that act on these exact issues. 

Short-yet-Effective Skincare Routine

Someone with oily and sensitive skin may be hesitant about using makeup regularly. But infusing the goodness of skin care in makeup, Type Beauty helps to express yourself with makeup without worrying about the consequences. At the same time, you don’t need to have a 5-step skincare routine followed by a makeup routine, when this combined formula takes care of it all.

Type Beauty – The Range

Type Beauty thrives on the premise of offering semi-customised makeup that functions as skin care. And they introduced themselves with a range of concealers that brought forth the idea of ‘conceal and heal’ for your specific skin type. It also happens to be the only brand in India so far to offer a wide range of 24 shades in all four primary foundations. They go a step ahead in inclusivity for the Indian audience with the most diverse shade range in the country. And their inclusivity approach also includes your skin type. Now, every consumer will find something that suits their skin. 

Type Beauty’s product range currently includes concealers, foundations, lipsticks and eyeshadows. Needless to say, all of these products have power-packed ingredients that work effectively on the skin. The brand has got to its credits the introduction of the world’s first anti-pigmentation lipstick, enriched with niacinamide and vitamin C. The eyeshadow sticks are also formulated to address ageing and pigmented eyes. They conceal and correct hyperpigmentation and transition dry, droopy eyes to more refreshing appearances. 

The brand invests a considerable amount of time in qualitative research to bring products that are backed by science and help tackle the exact skin concern and heal it from within. Their products have also considered weather conditions and cross-referenced with a section of people to understand their main skin concerns. Type Beauty’s product range thus delivers exactly what your skin needs. 

Formulated by experts, scientifically tested, skincare powered, vegan and cruelty-free, are not mere qualities, but everything that encompasses remedial beauty by Type. A shade-inclusive and skin-specific makeup packaged in one, explore Type Beauty’s products to keep your makeup simple and skin flawless. 

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