A Summer Wedding? Here’s Everything To Have A More Happy, Sweat-Less Experience

Summer Wedding

The last time I attended a summer wedding, the baraat prominently featured sweaty armpits, rivulets of sweat running down everyone’s faces and a couple of people doubled up on the side with scrunched up faces, shielding their faces with their hands because it was just so hot. And despite these things, Ranbir and Alia have gone ahead and chosen to have a summer wedding which has us thinking they are on to something. Some secret sauce to having a summer wedding that we are not in the know of. So we spoke to the people that make summer weddings happen – wedding planners, photographers, and even a person who makes invites and got a lowdown on how to ensure your summer wedding right. You know, so that people don’t immediately want to crawl back to an AC room leaving your baraat with only 4 people from the band. 

Before the Wedding

Pre-wedding shoots are the norm but if you choose to get married during the summer, it might be a good idea to figure out when and how before you embark on a voyage with your to be better half to get your pictures clicked. Megha Israni, founder of Israni Photography & Love And Memories says,  “Summer wedding shoots can be made more interesting by keeping it light & breezy, always carry portable fans for your client, so that they are very comfortable shooting in.Always keep them hydrated with enough water & juices around you. At beaches, I highly recommend getting coconut water to keep them hydrated. For the shoot, plan it early in the morning to avoid the afternoon heat. Brides should opt for minimal makeup, heavy makeup during summer can also lead to sweaty pictures. Taking breaks during shoots is a great idea to avoid being dehydrated and exhausted. 

Always schedule your shoots properly because the hard sun is from 12-3;30- avoid shooting at such hours. Start with bridal and groom portraits early in the morning. Close up shots in the early morning or during the sunset hour can be a good idea for couples to try out.”

Summer Wedding Invites 

Having not received Ranbir Alia’s wedding invite has me a tad disappointed, I am not going to lie but I know that I would not want to do florals for a wedding invite. So boring! Dhruvi Doshi Chitalia from Dhruvi Doshi Designs says here’s how to make your wedding invite more interesting and personalised. “Illustrations of the couple with their wedding venue in the background is a major hit! It’s personalized and builds the hype to the wedding! The other would be, more subtle and minimal designs in pastel colours, they have a very summery feel to it. “ If you want something out of the box, she suggests, “Definitely try different shapes, like shells or hexagons! Weave your story into the wedding invite, giving the guests a sneak peak! Creating vibrantly coloured illustrations are another way to make your wedding invite stand out and reflect your personal style and aesthetic!”

Wedding Venue 

Of course a summer wedding needs a ton of planning. Here are some tips to enjoy your guests are sweating their backside off. Nidhi Sahi of Enjay wedding and luxury events spoke to us about how to keep your guests hydrated and also, at some point, alive.Nidhi says, “If your marriage ceremony is all set to take place during the day time then you can set up a unique sunglass stand the venue. A sophisticated and elegant way to give your guest relief from the sun is by handing over parasols. To beat the summer heat, you can make a pouch containing fragrant wet tissue wipes, a pair of sunglasses, a hat, and a face spray. Ensure you cover the outside areas and have fans, coolers, and mist fans so the sun isn’t directly falling on anyone. Ensure you have refreshing food and drinks for the summer, such as coconut water, lime water, salads, sugarcane juices, live and light food counters.” The overall colour scheme could also make a huge difference. Nidhi recommends embracing summery colour schemes. “Coral and sage with pops of tropical tones; cinnamon and gold; pineapple and sorbet shades; seaside blue; rustic neutrals; cool metallics and icy pastels; sherbet brights with contrasting white, all are great summer colour choices.” She also suggests that whether you’re hosting a classy affair or casual backyard BBQ wedding, the tables be dressed with summery tableware and accessories.

Even the menu can make a difference. Nidhi says, “There’s a time and place for a heavy, decadent five-course meal, and your summer wedding is not it. Stick to lighter, more refreshing fare. Customize signature cocktails using refreshing flavors to keep guests cool. Focus on flavors like cucumber, mint, and berries—those are always crowd-pleasers!”

Now that you know, if you got your ideas for your summer wedding from here, I will be waiting for an invite. Thanks! 

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