11 Abstract Printed Shirts To Add A Playful Touch To Your Summer Wardrobe

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Images via: Shop Drawn And Ranveer Singh

If you had to choose between playing it safe and making a statement this summer, pick the latter because 2022 is all about that dopamine dressing rush. Find your joy, follow your bliss and dress for your happiness! What better way to inject your wardrobe with the high-spirited energy of the season than by introducing some fun prints in a mix of colours? Sure, it may be a little louder than your usual look but it comes with a guarantee to bring a smile to your face. Here are 11 genderless printed shirts that we have our eyes on RN:

1. Triune


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Sip on some Piña Coladas by the pool in Triune’s Universal Love shirt featuring watercolour blotches and statement swirls in a cotton candy colour palette.

Available at: Triune

2. Dhruv Kapoor


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Let’s get loud! Take inspiration from the king of statement-making style, Ranveer Singh and get your hands on some fun printed shirts by Dhruv Kapoor paired with matching pants.

3. Koy Toy


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We’re taking a trip to the dreamlike landscape of the Koytoy universe with their printed satin button-down, are you coming?

Available at: Koytoy  

4. Huemn


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Celebrate 10 years of Huemn with their latest collection featuring stand-out graffiti-style art that is sure to be a great conversation starter.

5. Sazo

Why settle on one kind of print when you can have a blend of all? Sazo’s playful shirts featuring their quirky artwork are a real head-turner.

Available at: Sazo 

6. Happi Space


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Trust Happi Space’s printed shirts to transport you to your happy place. BRB, we’re packing this green brushstroke print shirt for our summer getaway!

Available at: Happi Space 

7. Shop Drawn


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Outshine the summer sun in Shop Drawn’s ‘She Sells Sea Shells on the Sea Shore’ shirt featuring festive seashells set on a red-orange base.

Available at: Shop Drawn

8. Kanika Goyal Label


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‘Nothing is Real’ says Kanika Goyal’s shirt dipped in dreamy watercolour hues. We couldn’t agree more.

Available at: Kanika Goyal Label 

9. Paul Smith

printed shirts

Paul Smith’s limited-edition capsule collection with London-based designer Priya Ahluwalia features some eye-catching collage art prints made with Ahluwalia’s own personal archive of photographs taken in Nigeria and India. It’s not just a shirt, it’s a story.

Available at: Paul Smith



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Six5six’s melting popsicle print is here to make your summer oh so much sweeter!

Available at: Six5Six

11. Shivan & Narresh

printed shirts

Shivan & Narresh’s Iconomash Resort shirt featuring an asymmetrical print and a relaxed fit is what our island vacation dreams are made of!

Available at: Shivan & Narresh

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