7 Acne-Positive Influencers You Need To Follow On Instagram

Acne-positive influencers

Full coverage foundations, filters or fancy lighting – these layers are being shed on social media every day. Perfect looking, flawless skin is being dialled back with acne-positive influencers and social media users embracing natural skin – textures and all. Many factors have brought skin positivity to the forefront. Brands refusing to airbrush imperfections, celebrities being more open with their own acne journeys and genuine content creators who aren’t afraid of being themselves. Blemishes should not stop you from facing the world at your confident best, and all we have to say is – message received!

It is logical to have skincare and makeup content creators show real skin on camera. It is much more believable to see struggling skin get better over time. As someone who has been struggling with adult acne for most of her 20s, the rise in acne positivity on social media has had a positive impact on me. Here are the acne-positive influencers who have inspired me on my journey and can do the same for you!

1. Maia Gray

Maia Gray uses positive affirmations paired with unfiltered images of her advanced form of cystic acne. The London-based content creator has a way with words, creating dreamy images of her skin, which you can save on your daily affirmations feed.

2. Prableen Kaur Bhomrah


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Prableen is the OG acne-positive influencer to cater to an Indian audience. Her happy disposition, routines that helped manage her acne struggles and filter-free makeup looks has made the conversation of managing skin texture approachable and pressure-free!

3. Liz Claire

Speaking of a happy disposition, Liz Claire creates wholesome content that warms the most tired hearts. The Australia-based creator focuses heavily on the role of proper diet and lifestyle to maintain skin health. FYI, her food reels are absolutely delightful and so easy to recreate.

4. Sofia Grahn


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Turning her skin textured into art, Sofia’s aesthetic looking feed is proof that you can live a full life without worrying about your skin 24 hours a day. Her makeup experiments are stunning, and for lovers of photography, this feed is an absolute delight.

5.  Izzie Rodgers


Speaking of makeup experiments, there are hardly any who can resist Izzie’s curated looks, acne-positive or not. The popular creator uses bright pigments to complement the redness of her skin texture, creating striking looking makeup looks that stay with you long after you’re done scrolling.

6. Kadeeja Sel Khan

Kadeeja is yet another award-winning influencer whose expert makeup skills paired with an inspiring acne journey has won hearts. She routinely calls out the excessive use of filters and re-touch apps to “clean up” blemished skin, going behind the filter to show how social media is so good at faking flawless complexions.

7. Shiny


Gorgeous girls have textured skin! The NYC-based model and content creator reminds you that you do not need perfectly-clear, powerless skin to flourish in the beauty industry. Plus, her professional tips are so handy. After all, who’s advice would you rather take on acne? One who’s had a genuinely long and arduous journey or someone who only gets a couple of pesky pimples while PMSing? We’d leave that to you!

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