We Asked An AI Chatbot To Generate A Summer Capsule Wardrobe For Us And Here’s The Verdict


Truth be told, I’ve always been oblivious to this whole AI universe, replete with chatbots and multiple other softwares, names of which I don’t even know. All it took was a work meeting, a gentle nudge from my colleagues and a woozy headspace to give the chatbot business a shot. Born out of the need to kill boredom for me, what ensued was a fun and somewhat insightful conversation with the computer screen staring right back at my soul.

Given the nature of my work and the unforgiving heat of Mumbai’s climate, I had a question in mind. I simply asked the chatbot to curate a summer wardrobe for me. The response came in quick, and was quite practical to say the least. The answer began by putting an emphasis on the climate (arid or humid), activities done and style preferred by the reader. Don’t think I’ve ever been this coddled in my life, like ever. I finally see the appeal in people marrying AI generated avatars, you see.


I was also presented by a generic inventory of silhouettes like tank tops, denim shorts, linen pants, sundresses and the likes. No ground-breaking stuff, but then again my question was impeccably basic, so… To spruce it up a little, I asked the chatbot to make it more trend-specific, highlighting runway reports and forecasts to provide a more comprehensive and up-to-date curation. I was pleasantly surprised to see the trend compartmentalisation and details it provided. Here’s what it said:

Bold Brights and 70s Prints:

Embrace colour! This summer is all about bold hues like fuchsia, lime green, and tangerine. Think matching sets in these colours or statement pieces like a flowy maxi dress or a wide-leg jumpsuit.

Romantic Ruffles and Delicate Lace:

Add a touch of femininity. Ruffles on blouses, dresses, and even sleeves are a big trend this summer. Think soft, romantic silhouettes in pastel colours like lavender, baby blue, and cream.

The All-New Denim:

Try unexpected silhouettes like denim shirt-dresses, wide-leg jeans, and denim Bermuda shorts. You can even try a Canadian tuxedo (denim on denim) with a modern twist, like a light wash denim jacket paired with dark wash jeans.

The Sustainable Statement:

Eco-conscious fashion is here to stay. Look for pieces made from sustainable materials like organic cotton, linen, or recycled materials. Many designers are incorporating innovative fabrics and natural dyes into their collections.


Then came another layer, one induced with a desi tinge. I asked the chatbot to make it more India-specific, as the trends mostly pandered to western sensibilities The suggestions that came up were: kurtis with a twist, breezy blouses and light sharara sets. There was some talk about palazzo pants too (zzz), throwback to 2012. Dhoti pants, saree gowns were also discussed, which has managed to convince me that the platform was built by a white dude (with a receding hairline, mostly).

I was advised to look for inspiration from social media and fashion magazines alongside Bollywood movies (we wear chiffon saris in the Alps, so I’m not sure how that’ll pan out) but it was fun, for the most part. Case in point: follow this guide, but rely on your instincts to choose what’s best. I’m going to stick to my white t-shirt and mom jeans.

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- Digital Fashion Writer


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