What’s Your Perfume Type? Find Out With These Ajmal Recommendations

Ajmal Perfumes

Discovering fragrances should give as much joy as wearing them. In a post-pandemic world, the way we wear perfumes has evolved — from occasional appearances, fragrances are now a part of our self-care daily routines.  

To make fragrance discovery more accessible and inclusive, Ajmal Perfumes, a globally known, homegrown perfumery brand with a rich heritage acquired through 70 years of experience, unveils ‘Online Exclusive Collection, a curation of 12 fragrances designed for the discerning and curious customer. The focus is to reveal the personality and the type of the perfume through its packaging and content categorization. 

Elaborating further, Abdulla Ajmal, Perfumist and Business Mentor, Ajmal & Sons – NHA division, India adds, “Through this novelty, we want to democratize the process of selection. You don’t need to be a pro to understand which perfume is your type. In the last two years, our teams have been in touch directly with our consumers, and one of the most frequently asked questions was – How do I know which is my perfume type? Each fragrance of this 12-set collection is an extension of different facets of your personality. ‘Online Exclusive’ is truly a global collaboration; the product is manufactured in Dubai, using some of India’s finest raw materials ingredients and the best perfume expertise from Europe.” 

Ahead, 12 fragrances, part of ‘Online Exclusive by Ajmal’

  1. Ajmal DAWN – (Citrus Floral)

Perfume type: Quiet & Easy going

When to wear: AM – Summer


  1. Ajmal D’Light – (Floral Fruity)

Perfume type: Elegant & Daring 

When to wear:: AM – Summer

  1. Ajmal Serenity In Me – (Amber Woody)

Perfume type: Bold & Mesmerizing

When to wear: PM – Summer

  1. Ajmal Sierra – (Aromatic Woody)

Perfume type:  Modern & Refreshing

When to wear: AM – Summer

  1. Ajmal Dame – (Chypre Fruity)

Perfume type:  Dramatic & Passionate

When to wear: PM- Summer

  1. Ajmal Shadow Noir – (Citrus Aromatic)

Perfume type: Sophisticated & Strong

When to wear: PM – Summer

  1. Ajmal L’Eau Blu – (Aromatic Woody) 

Perfume type: Invigorating & Energizing

When to wear: AM – Summer

  1. Ajmal Aristocrat Her – (Fruity Amber)

Powerful and stimulating but with an underlying softness, Ajmal Aristocrat is a mesmerizing feminine fruity ambery fragrance. 

Perfume Type: Discerning & Sensual

When to wear: PM – Summer


  1. Ajmal Pure Power – (Aromatic Spicy)

Perfume Type: Adventurous & Curios

When: AM – Summer


  1. Scarlet Bloom – (Fruity Floral)

Perfume type: Extrovert & Glamourous

When: PM – Summer

  1. Oudh Crystalline – (Amber Woody)

Perfume type: Flamboyant & Stylish

When: PM – Summer

  1. Sonnet – (Floral Amber)

Perfume type: Fashionable & Trendy

When: AM – Summer

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