In Conversation With Alicia Kaur, The Most Sought-After Model This Fashion Week

Alicia Kaur

Just got done with a packed schedule of 5 days of fashion at Lakmē Fashion Week and boy was it exhausting! You see, after doing it for a few seasons back-to-back, you’re mostly unfazed unless there’s something groundbreaking that beckons the dormant fashion critic inside of us all. Cut to, me sitting in the front row for Shahin Mannan where supermodel Alicia Kaur opened the show walking backwards. Yes, backwards.

There was pin-drop silence ensued by some speaking in hushed tones and a visibly astonished (pleasantly, I can guarantee) audience. She was mesmerising. Definitely not a first for her. Having walked shows for almost a dozen designers this season, Alicia Kaur was clearly the frontrunner. It’s her year and I couldn’t help but fangirl (a rarity for me). I reached out to her for a quick chat and here’s what she had to say, when quizzed about her experience this season and her journey as a whole.


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ELLE: Take us through your experience of walking for this edition of Lakmē Fashion Week X FDCI.

Alicia Kaur: My experience was overwhelmingly successful and I loved every moment of the backstage chaos! I’ve been doing Lakmē Fashion Week for 10 years now and this year was the best season yet. I got to walk as a showstopper for Saaksha and Kini because they saw my show the day before and loved my walk for Esse. Truly a huge privilege.

And I got to walk backwards for the first time ever on stage for Shahin Mannan – it was so much fun. I also got so many beautiful photos to add to my portfolio and I’m so grateful to be walking at Lakmē Fashion Week and working with some of the most talented people in the world.


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ELLE: What are the most challenging facets of living the ‘model life?’

Alicia Kaur: Staying disciplined with a healthy routine, being in heels all day, unrealistic working and travel hours and then having to put a face on, that says ‘you’re not tired.’

ELLE: Which show did you enjoy walking for the most?

Alicia Kaur: Oh! I had multiple. RPS, Gaurang, Aikeyah, Esse, Shahin Mannan, Shantanu Nikhil, Saaksha Kini, Anushree Ready, Rahul Mishra. I just cannot pick. Every show had its aspect of fun. I just love to walk the ramp.


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ELLE: Tell us about your modelling journey from the start.

Alicia Kaur: I did my first modelling job when I was 3, and was addicted to the idea of becoming a model. I tried my hand at childhood modelling and acting but I wasn’t so successful; I was rejected at least 45 times by agencies in Melbourne, Australia (where I’m from). Finally, by 19 I signed with a reputable agency, but once I was signed it still wasn’t easy, I still had to hustle and work part-time to support myself.

I always dreamt of finding the perfect country abroad where my look would suit the best. So I kept on searching and at 23 after visiting multiple destinations like China and Europe, I found India and I’m so grateful! India is home and I love my work and lifestyle here. I’m so glad I never gave up.

ELLE: What’s your advice for up-and-coming models?

Alicia Kaur: Don’t ever give up on your dreams, we only have this one life and you are enough just as you are. But we are ever evolving so never stop learning, keep dreaming and keep working on yourself every day. My main goal in life is to be the healthiest human being inside and out, so everything I do towards modelling follows this goal. Be kind to yourself, eat healthy, get regular movement, try new things, treat others how you would like to be treated and be grateful for what you have. We are all unique and it’s a gift.

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