All The Awards That You Need To Know About At The ELLE List 2023

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2023 can be best described with a bounty of superlatives, with Indian talent soaring new highs and taking off beaten paths, and carving out new ones. To acknowledge and celebrate this plethora of talent, The ELLE List is bringing this international IP to India and launching its first edition in spectacular style. Promising a night filled with celebration of the finest, the award ceremony will honour dignitaries across fields like art, music, cinema, sports and business. The likes of Olympians, climate warriors, film actors, CEOs, Grammy nominated artists and sportspersons will mark their presence and grace the occasion. With 25 awards, the ceremony is going to be one for the books.


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Here are the awards being given out at The ELLE List.

ELLE Impactful Fashion Designer Of The Year:

The award will honour the designer that has had a profound impact on the fashion industry. The award recognises the talent, innovation and sheer excellence of that fashion designer who scaled new heights with their art.

ELLE Cultural Icon Of The Year:

The personality extraordinaire that has impacted the Indian cultural scenario in a significant way, this is an award that recognises the contribution of the person. The ELLE Cultural Icon Of The Year Award acknowledges the icon that has shaped the cultural zeitgeist of India.

ELLE Business Icon Of The Year:

This award is the recognition of the finest businessperson out there who has successfully crafted a space of their own with their excellent leadership, out-of-the-box approach and determination and scaled new heights.

ELLE Global Music Artist Of The Year:

One says that you cannot separate the art from the artist. This award honours the artist who has time and again made strides towards excelling in their art in a way that is limitless and exceptional beyond measure – on a global stage.

ELLE Sports Hero Of The Year:

The champion who absolutely dominated the field with their powerful strides and emerged victorious in every format of the sport will be rightfully taking home the ELLE Sports Hero Of The Year Award.

ELLE Pathbreaking Performer:

Scaling new heights, this performer has bedazzled everyone with their knowledge of the craft and the deftness with which they showcase their talent. The ELLE Pathbreaking Performer Award honours this extraordinary personality.

ELLE Legacy:

This title is an award that recognises the iconic legacy of the pioneer who has through their illustrious career, made waves, carved their own niche and left a legacy that’s unparalleled. Their career path is a beacon and a guide to the generations of talent.

ELLE Progressive Fashion Visionary:

The visionary that has envisioned and moulded the flow of fashion in recent years with their pathbreaking approach towards fashion rightfully claims this award.

ELLE Artist Of The Year:

Owning the stage with their A-game, this artist has claimed the title of ELLE Artist Of The Year. This title holder, with an impressive track record has ruled the hearts of everyone this year.

ELLE Versatile Pathbreaker:

Versatility is their mantra and making new paths is in their spirit. This extraordinary personality has aced the game of versatility and through their dynamic work that has made everyone admire their craft.

ELLE Rising Star:

This artist has graced the screen with their power-packed performances made a name in a very short time. To acknowledge and appreciate their significant contribution, we have the ELLE Rising Star Award.

ELLE Cinematic Muse:

The one who has ruled a million hearts and forever been the muse of the finest filmmakers would be conferred upon the title of the ELLE Cinematic Muse. This award is a celebration of the finesse and art of an actor who has ruled the screen with their enigmatic aura.

ELLE Game Changer:

This award honours the trailblazer who owns the game with pride and dignity. The marvellous personality who has changed the game by being unique in their own way is the one heading home with this prestigious award.

ELLE Innovative Entrepreneur:

Honouring the visionary entrepreneurship of a leader, the ELLE Innovative Entrepreneur Award is a celebration of a true entrepreneur who has created a path of their own and conquered challenges with determination and ease.

ELLE Artistic Achievement:

What better way to felicitate the illustrious achievements of an artist than conferring them with the award of ELLE Artistic Achievement. This award recognises artistic abilities that go beyond the confines of the traditional.

ELLE Dynamic Performer:

With their dynamic performances, this actor has set the screens ablaze. This award acknowledges the versatility that this performer has shown, enthralling audiences with their praiseworthy craft.

ELLE Style Icon:

With their impeccable style, they have defined looks that are one for the books. This award is meant for an icon who has unmatched style, owns all the looks and carries themselves with utmost poise and elegance.

ELLE Impact, Sports:

The ELLE Energetic Athletic Elegance Award is conferred to the athlete who, with their relentless determination and hardwork has achieved milestones with grace and elegance.

ELLE Stylish Trailblazer:

They breathe style into everything they wear. With an impeccable style file that is trailblazing, this icon definitely knows how to ace every look, and they do this with confidence.

ELLE Exemplary Trendsetter:

Setting trends ablaze is the second nature to the recipient of this award. The ELLE Exemplary Trendsetter Award honours the style icon who has proven to be a frontrunner when it comes to trendsetting fashion.

ELLE Impact: Fashion, Jury Category

The ELLE Impact Jury Awards is the acknowledgement of the impact these renowned personalities have in their respective fields. The ELLE Impact: Fashion, Jury Category Award honours that persona who has impacted the fashion zeitgeist with their innovativeness and creativity.

ELLE Impact: Interior Design, Jury Category

The esteemed personality who has significantly contributed in the field of interior design through their skills and knowledge, and transformed spaces with their craft will be bestowed with this honour.

ELLE Impact: Technology, Jury Category

This award is made for that techno-savvy personality who has eased life for everyone with their innovative approach. Ahead of the curve, this eminent pioneer will bag the title of ELLE Impact: Technology, Jury Award.

ELLE Impact: Music, Jury Category

The one who has indeed mastered the art of music will be claiming their hold over this worthy title. The ELLE Impact: Music, Jury Category Award acknowledges the impactful musician who has, through their craft, created their own name in the industry.

ELLE Energetic Performer: Sports, Jury Category

Boasting of a powerhouse of energetic excellence, this sportsperson has aced it all. The ELLE Energetic Performer: Sports, Jury Category Award honours the personality who has proven to be a true champion!

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