4 Ways Amazon Alexa Is A Woman’s Best Buddy

Amazon Echo Dot FI

I am not the kind to ask for things or give orders, I am more likely to murmur something and place it as a request. So when I got the Amazon Echo Dot, I was wary. Sure I wanted to take full advantage of having a device that could be like my inner voice around the house, but I wasn’t sure how to just ask things from Alexa. I should have not worried. The Amazon Echo device can be placed on any console like the living room coffee table, bed side table, I placed it in front of my TV.  Alexa’s friendly voice boomed around the house and because it sounded so chirpy and supportive, I was willing to just ask it anything and everything!

For someone like me, who is trying to strike a balance between work, home and a social life, Amazon Alexa was a fun addition. Here’s how it helped me.

1. This Was My Alarm

“Alexa, hit me up with a motivational quote” and oh, “Alexa, add ironing to my to-do list?”

Before I hit the bed, I ask Alexa to wake me up at 7am. I am mostly hoping it doesn’t listen so I can just sleep, but it’s prompt and at 7am, it shakes me out of my slumber. I put a really happy song as my alarm. I have come to appreciate Alexa’s efficiency. My husband, on the other hand, was not on board with the peppy music and may have flung a pillow at me.

Alexa also quickly read out things on my to do list when asked which caused me to groan but was a good reminder that it’s time to get out of bed and work.

2. It Kept Me Moving

“Alexa, suggest a workout playlist” (in which I don’t have to move..wink)

Okay, that might not be the exact thing I said to Alexa, but it was on my mind.

Alexa can tell you how many calories you’ve been consuming in those fries you’ve been chomping for a while and can even remind you that it’s time to get moving. It could also immediately whip you into shape, you simply have to say, ‘5 minute easy workout’ or ask for meditation music and Alexa will give you options.

3. It Helped Me Cook

“Alexa, give me a chicken soup recipe”

Ask anyone trying to juggle a household and they will tell you the most annoying bit is figuring out what to cook. I turned to Alexa, and Alexa was quick to suggest a couple of recipes that could be whipped up in a jiffy and didn’t require me to possess chef-level skills. It also lists out the recipes in a step-by-step manner so a person like me who is challenged in the kitchen can follow along. It also helps me with reminders to tell me it’s time I have my parched body some water and reads out nutrition facts which are sometimes alarming but also a reminder that I need to eat better. I am very thankful.

4. It Worked Well With My TV

TV time in my house starts off with a hunt where family members head in different directions, attempting to locate our remote. This is followed by slapping the remote at the back, because the batteries never seem to work. Amazon Alexa did away with the hunt, started up the TV by simply connecting it to a compatible smart plug and even suggests movies that we could watch together and even provide interesting movie trivia. When friends come over, we indulge in karaoke sessions which are great fun for us but we guess awful for the ears of our neighbours. We even play games on it, and it gets pretty intense.

We got talking- Alexa and I- and I asked, “Alexa, Who is your role model?” And Alexa was quick to point out women like Savitribai Phule, and shared some inspiring stories. I also asked, “Alexa, what is your favourite women-centric movie,” and Alexa had a bunch of favourites.

Alexa for me has definitely been a life saviour of sorts where ever I am.

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