AMINU X JCB Body Spa Is All You Need to Relax and Detox At Once

Body Spa- Aminu

Nothing hits better than a relaxing body spa, of course, second to a glass of wine on a long sulky day. Or may be a glass of wine in the spa room could make for a good combination. Or may be… let’s keep the discussion for another day because it makes me want to drop everything and head home. Talking about body spas, combining the relaxing properties of massages with detoxing benefits of products is one pairing I got to experience at Jean Claude Biguine (JCB) salon. The sought-after salon chain has recently tied up with Aminu – a holistic homegrown brand – to launch its specially curated botanical spa menu.


The menu has a collection of four body spa services that include Aminu Glow-On-The-Glow for skin pampering, regeneration and radiance-enhancement; Aminu Moor Mud Therapy to recharge the skin while providing brightening and deep hydration benefits; Aminu Glacial Detox Ritual with superfoods for detoxification, purification and upliftment; and Aminu Beyond Spa – Signature Therapy for rejuvenation, brightening, and hydration. The brand has come up with a specific range of body products that are high-performing and deliver relaxing and skin rejuvenating benefits. 

The treatment time is between 30 to 90 mins and while you can choose any, there’s an additional menu of quick services that can be added to any of the four. That’s like a fine glass of wine with a platter of snacks on the side! Designed to suit the fast-paced city life, the menu caters to people looking for multi-benefits from their spa sessions. “In India, women are not habitual of taking care of their skin below the neck. As thought leaders, JCB Salons is moving towards redefining skincare to one that is clean, sustainable, ethical sourced, high-performing and that goes beyond the face,” says Samir Srivastav, CEO, JCB Salons Pvt Ltd.

Glow-On-The-Go Body Spa

To try the service, I opted for Glow-On-The-Go which features an express antioxidant-rich body exfoliation followed by skin moisturisation for radiance and glow. The products are applied and massaged onto the skin in gentle motions to reap exfoliation benefits while relaxing the body. A 30-minute treatment, Glow-On-The-Go is a quick spa service that takes care of scrubbing the dead skin off the body. P.S. Aminu’s sleep oil that’s used to awaken the senses while calming the body is the high point of the service. A good night’s sleep is guaranteed; what more does a girl functioning on 4 hours of sleep want?

Decently priced and quick, Glow-On-The-Go shows instant results with healthy-looking, glowing skin. The treatment also takes care of acne spots and tanning. However, it might take a few follow-up sessions for long-lasting results. The treatment also promises to work on cell turnover but as mentioned, that might take a few sessions to show visible results.

The Final Take

Strong fragrances in spa products overwhelm my experience and therefore, the delicate scent of Aminu products is what made it a worthy experience for me. The only thing you might not like about the treatment is that 30 minutes pass by too soon. A calming experience, it’s a must-try for someone who’s pressed for time and cannot make time for a salon and spa visit separately.

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